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GOA! Whenever we hear this, what pop in our minds is serene and beautiful beaches of Goa which are fully flooded with tourists, lying down at the beaches, pubs, night clubs, cruise parties, loud music, shacks, drinks and so much of noise. Exactly, isn’t it? But, have you ever imagined the calm and quite side of Goa. Imagine, on your next visit to Goa, you see other side if it. Almost empty beaches, where the clear water is playing calmly with sand and it is glittering golden with the rays falling on the water, wherever you see is lush green and pleasant atmosphere. Doesn’t it sound dreamy? You have such place in Goa now. I am sure I’m not kidding. A serene, calm and quite Vagator Beach in Goa, the northernmost beach here resides on the right to famous Anjuna beach.

Unlike other Goan beaches like Anjuna, Bagga, Calangut beaches, Vagator beach is less crowded and little laid back by tourists though, you can see many Firangis in here, that too Russian tourists, to be more specific. The beach has been divided into two main beaches by a seaside promontory. This place is generally used by local people for stalls for snacks, drinks, beach clothes and as a car parking for tourists. While facing the beach, the left side beach is known as Ozran beach or a little Vagator beach and right side is North Vagator or Big Vagator beach. The little Vagator beach is less just a few minutes walking distance from Big Vagator and is quiet and extremely beautiful. The Vagator beach has a scenic red cliff looking down on the sea shore and the two fresh water bubbling spirals popping near the shore makes it a beautiful and stunning sight. Among these two water springs, one is located on the Ozran beach and the other one is located near Big Vagator beach.

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Photo by Enygmatic-Halycon

The Vagator beach with long and wide white and smooth sand, dotted with thick palm and coconut trees, lush green surrounding, the contrasting black lava rocks, glittering water and the melodious sound of sea waves is enough to spend a pleasant and pleasing vacation. But wait, this place has some more remarkable and stunning sights to make your trip a memorable one.

Places to see in and around Vagator Beach:

Sculpture of Lord Shiva – Just a little steep down path at Little Vagator there is this impressive stone carving of lord Shiva, a creation by an anonymous sculptor.

Vagator Springs – The two fresh water springs, one at Big Vagator beach and the other one at Little Vagator beach, slipped away from the base of the hill.

Chapora Village – The houses here resemble to the strong and influential Portuguese era. Many tourists visit Chapora village to get a glimpse of the traditional rural life. The old styled shops here remind the colonial life. and cherishing the old-fashioned surroundings, is certainly going to be a memorable walk of your lifetime. Tourists also plan fishing here and a long walk along the fishing pier is worth. Unlike other beaches, Vagator beach doesn’t offer a variety of water sports, but away from all the noise and the maddening crowd, a calm and peaceful walk while interacting with the villagers, is going to be an unforgettable and life time experience in your life. Additionally, the roads are decked with multiple bars, cafes and shops. The smell of cigars and charas clinging tightly to the sea breeze, the place is definitely a favorite place for hippies and chain smokers.

Chapora Fort – A famous “Dil Chahta Hai” fort resides above the Chapora river was built before 1510, but later rebuilt by Portuguese to guard the entrance from the river. The current fort was built in 1717. One has to climb up from the seaside and can get down by the roadside. The sweeping view of the Morjim beach across the Chapora River is breathtaking.

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Nearby Beaches – In addition to Chapora beach, number of other beaches like Baga beach, Anjuna beach and Calangute beach are located around the Vagator Beach and can be reached easily. Visit these beaches to experience plenty of water sport activities and enjoy spectacular beauty of Mother Nature.

Night Life – Nightlife in Vagator beach is full of life with parties, dance and drinks. The trance nights arranged almost regularly in Vagator Chapora Beach, are something worth to remember and can’t be missed. There are plenty places for a dance & trance during the tourist season.

Don’t thanks me, pack your bags and head to Goa for a different experience.

Featured Photo by stupiddream

GO GOA – But In Different Style With Vagator Beach

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