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8511795693 228eb1ec8d Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh is often stated as U.P. It is a state which is situated in the northern part of India. It is a preferred tourist destination which attracts tourists from all over the globe and provides a wide range of destinations and options for tourists. The charisma of Uttar Pradesh tourist is in its nature, history, & culture.

Tourist Attractions in Uttar Pradesh

The state is visited by a large number of tourists from various parts of the globe. Uttar Pradesh tourist fascinations orbit around its wildlife sanctuaries, historical cities, adventure destinations and pilgrim centres. Some of the famous Uttar Pradesh tourist allures are:

Uttar Pradesh has an opulent traditional, and also cultural and mythological importance. Uttar Pradesh has treasures of pilgrimages, monuments, lakes, picturesque mountains, wildlife reserves and various famed hill stations such as, Nainital and Mussoorie. Some of the most popular tourist attractions in Uttar Pradesh are:

taj mahal photoTaj Mahal

While a tourist visits India he wishes to see the biggest and remarkable embodiment of love – Taj Mahal. This particular wonder of the world monument is located on the bank of the river Yamuna. The exceptional carving of this mausoleum of Mumtaz Mahal has been an attraction for the tourist, always. The structure of Taj Mahal is an example of the Indian Islamic Architecture at its best. Read more.

Varanasi Ghats

varanasi ghat photo

Photo by Arian Zwegers

The divine city of Varanasi or Banaras is the oldest city that holds a mythical significance to Hindus. Believers come to take the divine dip on hundreds and thousands of ghats on the bank of the river Ganga because they have strong faith that this act will forgive one’s sins. People traverse through the river and ghats by taking a boat ride.

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Buddha conveyed his first sermon at this lovely site of historical importance, called Sarnath. Buddha established the first Buddhist sangha or directive here. The stupas depict the example of Buddhist art.

Lion capital

sanchi stupa photo

Photo by dalbera

The light yellowish grey colored sculpture of speckled sandstone has been established by Emperor Ashoka in the third century BC. The pillar has engraved four lions back to back eyeing in all the four directions. There are four wheels, which represent the dharmachakra, an elephant, the bull, the horse and the lion. This lion capital was selected as the symbol of the Indian Republic and also for all the government documents and the Indian currency.

Agra Fort

The fort extending to an area of 2.5 Km was made by Shah Jahan in 1628 along with the Yamuna river. The walls of the fort are made of red sandstone. The fort has two huge gates, the Amar Singh Gate and the Delhi Gate, however, the entrance is through Amar Singh Gate. Stunning carving in marble ceilings is exquisite. One distinct feature of the room walls in the marble pavilions is that they are hollow and are full with running water to cool the rooms. You can get an amazing view of Taj Mahal from the fort. It gives the sense that as if Agra fort is made to keep an eye on The Taj.

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Bara Imambara

Bada Imambara is the ancient monument of Lucknow that comprises the Bhul-Bhulayah, Asfi mosque, and a summer palace known as Baoli with running water. Imambara are the imitations of tombs devoted to the Holy Prophet and his family associates.

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Buland Darwaza

Fatehpur Sikri is an epic town which has conserved its Mughal Glory and is a case study substantial for the scholars of architecture. Buland Darwaza in Fatehpur Sikri is a huge ceremonial arch built in the year 1575 to celebrate Akbar’s downfall of Gujarat. Mughal architecture is one of the best and finest architecture in India and Buland Darwaza is a specimen of it.

Copyright & Edited by IndiaVividFeatured Photo by dalbera

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