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There are ample places in Kolkata which often Kolkatans miss to visit. Even there are some heritage sites which often lacks the limelight it deserves. Two of them are the Town Hall and Robertson monument.

  • Town Hall:
town hall kolkata photo

Featured Photo by juggadery

This building was built as a site for European gatherings in the year 1813. It is located in 4, Esplanade row and showcases a Roman-style architecture with Doric Pillars and painted in pristine white. The architect and engineer were Major- General John Gustin and a massive 700000 rupees were spent to construct it which was raised through a lottery.

The town hall was used for various purposes. Its access was earlier limited to the ground floor for the public, where they can view the beautiful paintings and statues. Later it was also used temporarily as a temporary judiciary house.

Later around 1920’s the town hall became the Bengal Legislative Council’s Chamber house and also served as a rationing house during the second world war.
After the Independence, it lost its glory and was used as offices of various departments of the Government. Only in 1998, it was accorded as one of the heritage sites of India and after a lot of restoration and renovation, it is now used as a forum for public and social functions.

The town Hall library has an impressive collection of rare and Valuable books.

  • Robertson Monument:

This iconic structure of 6 pillars with a dome is the only grave remaining which belonged to the  North Park Street Cemetary A visit to this place makes us realizes how much history is associated with Kolkata and how much the foreigners who came to this city from time to time have left their mark on the city. North Park Street cemetery which was quite huge, was located in Park street and demolished, but somehow this grave remained. The Robertsons’ had lived in the city for 3 generations and this family grave is the sole proof of the existence of the North Park Street cemetery. One plaque on the graves give the name of Edwin Robertson who was a Superintendent of Police, and it is said that other male family members were also police officers of then Kolkata.

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The other part of the cemetery lies in neglect but renovation might let people have a glimpse of the past.

Featured Photo by juggadery

Unpopular Heritage Sites Of Kolkata -Part 1

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