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Till this time throughout India Andhra is the much-celebrated state for its cuisine. Each and every state in India will have its own specialty likewise the Andhra cuisine hides the magic of its taste in its yummy snacks. No one can say no to the snacks of Andhra since it is prominent for its rich flavor and piles of range. Maybe we have not discussed all the snacks items of Andhra but these are very special Andhra snacks and easy to prepare.

Aloo pakora or Aloo or potato bajji

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This yummy recipe is also called the aloo bajji, serves a good tea time snack and very much famous in all tea stalls and street stalls in Andhra. In the monsoon season, Andhra people serve this dish, especially with the masala chai. Pakora is the universal word called in North India for bajji otherwise pakoda. To prepare aloo pakora, chopped potatoes are dipped into the batter of chickpea and fried deeply in oil till it attains the texture. As an alternative, this pakora can be done with other vegetables like onion, raw banana, and even mixed fruit. In case if you wish to eat with non-veg you can also make it with chicken, bread and egg.

Paniyaram or Gunta Ponganalu

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This snack also serves to be the morning breakfast in many south Indian homes. These are simply made with the remaining over or excess fermented Idli or dosa batter in homes. This recipe goes with many various names like gunta ponganalu, masala paniyaram, gundu pongala, and paddu. This snack is also prepared with sweet version. These are made with a special vessel that is called the paniyaram pan. Paniyaram makes crispy in the outer crust and inner becomes soft. The batter is generally seasoned with simple ingredients also onions are added for giving the good flavor, in addition, it also gives a lot of nutrition.

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Puran Poli or Bobbatlu or Holige recipe

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This snack is famous in all Telugu states; this recipe is mostly prepared at festival times. The classic stuffed sweet wheat bread looks more like chapati or roti. The snack is commonly called boys. Channa dal and Jaggery are used for the sweet stuffing where the outer cover is prepared with maida or plain flour that is made into a thin covering. This recipe can also be made with maida. And Maida makes a perfect combination for that purna and the outer layer also will be very thin.

Junnu or Kharvas

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This is a milk pudding recipe usually called as kharvas in Marathi and as ginnu in Kannada. Generally is made by the colostrum milk which the cow yields on the first few days of delivering of a calf. In Telugu, it is called the junnu paalu. This milk is fully enriched with lots of nutrients and the colostrum will build the immunity in humans and the milk is not supposed to consume raw and should be taken only after boiled or pasteurized.

Andhra Crispy Punugulu


Punugulu otherwise punukkulu is the famous snack in Andhra Pradesh Region. This crispy snack is prepared with the urad dal and rice batter. Even with the remaining idli or dosa batter. It is made in Andhra where the other states usually prepare it with fresh batter. Also, it is prepared with maida called the maida punugulu. Snack is served with spicy hot chutney as always the Andhra dishes are famous for the hot spicy taste.

Bandar laddu or Thokkudu ladoo

Bandra ladduThe most celebrated mouth-watering sweet in the state of Andhra. These sweet have a smooth creamy melting texture. Bandar is a place in Andhra Pradesh that is also known as the machilipatnam where this ladoos originated. This is a bit difficult recipe however it the taste cannot be compared with any if the sweets. These sweets are prepared with mostly during the festival times and weddings.

Unique Mouth-Watering Snacks Of Andhra

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