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Planning a week away with the girls? Want to take family for a holiday? Thinking of surprising your partner with a vacation of a lifetime? Or, are you rather day dreaming about finally taking a you-should-travel-solo-once-in-a-lifetime trip? No matter what the reason be, most of us often find ourselves thinking of travelling the world and getting to know our country better. And, what’s better than exploring the most exquisite locations in our magnificent country. But, have you ever wondered for every 10 best destinations in India, there are so many more which we often overlook or maybe haven’t even heard of yet? People have actually made these underrated destinations in India.

India is a land of many landscapes. Its flora and fauna, culture, people, and even the language differs every few hundred kilometers. Amidst such diversity, there are so many interesting places that have not been explored to their true potential yet.

Underrated Destinations In India

Here is a list of 10 of the most underrated destinations in India and why you should visit them:

Shantiniketan photoPhoto by Preus museum

10. Shantiniketan, West Bengal

When to go: August to March

Suitable for: Peace-lovers, Spiritual-seekers, Art and History lovers

Located away from the hustle and bustle of the mighty Kolkata, Shantiniketan is a quaint town known majorly for its peaceful atmosphere and the great Rabindranath Tagore. A perfect getaway for the bibliophiles, literati, and peace-lovers, it offers an impeccable setting for you to come away with your family or just alone and enjoy the tranquility and freshness that the surroundings have to offer. Meditate, visit the important spots such as Tagore’s ashram, Amar Kutir, Chattimtala, Rabindra Bhavan Museum, and Kala Bhavan, or plan your trip to fall around the famous Poush Mela and be a part of a gala including local artisans and craftsmen from all around the state.

Wildlife Sanctuary photoPhoto by emiliechenphotography

9. National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Uttar Pradesh

When to go: November to May

Suitable for: Nature lovers, Wildlife lovers, Birdwatchers

A 1-hour drive from Agra, National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary is most popular for its wildlife and surroundings. Also known as the National Chambal Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary, the preservation area is abode to various flora and fauna, the most famous of which are the critically threatened gharial, Ganges river dolphin, and red-crowned roof turtle. The wildlife sanctuary is surrounded by the Chambal River and is co-governed by three different states in the country – Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Madhya Pradesh. Hire a boat and float across the river as you take in the nature and beauty around you.

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sikkim photoPhoto by Saran Chamling

8. North Sikkim, Sikkim

When to go: May to September

Suitable for: Nature lovers, Photographers, Mountain lovers, Hikers, Trekkers, Wildlife enthusiasts

One of the most off beat and unexplored places in India, North Sikkim is not a place, it’s paradise. The magical views, mystical mountains, mesmerizing nature, a sparkling lake, and quite a few waterfalls, North Sikkim has it all. Perfect for trekkers and hikers, the mountain valleys of North Sikkim give you the feeling of solitary at its best. Khangchendzonga National Park is another famous attraction and is home to Red Pandas who are a native of North Sikkim.

bundi photoPhoto by stupiddream

7. Bundi, Rajasthan

When to go: October to March

Suitable for: Culture and History lover, Archaeology enthusiasts, Photographers, Shopaholics

A town as old as time itself, Bundi offers you what the tourist towns of Jaipur, Ajmer, and Jodhpur can’t – its old-worldly charm. Home to some of the most superlative forts and palaces, stepwells, temples, and magnificent architecture, is a princely state known to have been inhabited by several local tribes during ancient times. Bundi is also highly known for its silver jewellery, wooden crafts, and murals. Visit the fort of Taragarh, spend the day by Bhoraji ka Kund, or simply take a stroll in the rusty alleys of the city, a vacation spent here will definitely take you back in time.

Mawsynram photoPhoto by 2ilorg

6. Mawsynram, Meghalaya

When to go: September to November; Visit during the monsoon to enjoy the rain

Suitable for: Nature lovers, Photographers

Known as the wettest place in India, Mawsynram offers one of the best views of nature that you can expect to get in the country. The rainfalls keep the greenery and landscape as fresh as ever and the surrounding nature is spellbinding. Don’t forget to visit the ‘Shivling’ while you are here.

Kamshet photoPhoto by dinesh_valke

5. Kamshet, Maharashtra

When to go: September to April

Suitable for: Nature lovers, Adrenaline junkies

Kamshet is a small, unnoticed hill town in the Western Ghats which is best known for paragliding. This picturesque little town is regarded as one of the top choices for adventurers. Known as a paraglider’s paradise, Kamshet has several flying schools to its credit, a couple of caves, the famous Khondeshwar temple, and Shinde wadi hills.

Bhimbetka photoPhoto by dinesh_valke

4. Bhimbetka, Madhya Pradesh

When to go: October to April

Suitable for: History and Archaeology lovers, Photographers

Almost lost in history, Bhimbetka is best known as the place where it all began, quite literally. A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2003, the Bhimbetka rock shelters houses over 500 rock shelters and caves with rock paintings as old as 30,000 years. These prehistoric paintings are the earliest proofs of human existence in sub-continent of India.

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Savandurga photoPhoto by Big Eyed Sol

3. Savandurga, Karnataka

When to go: November to May

Suitable for: Campers, Trekkers, Climbers, Photographers, Group travel

Known as one of the largest rock formations in Asia, Savandurga is made up of two hills namely Billigudda and Karigudda. Although not so popular amongst the rest of the country, the spot is quite frequented by locals and residents of Bangalore. A perfect spot for camping, rock climbing and trekking, Savandurga is where you need to be if you are planning a boys-day-out. Keep in mind that there are no hotels and restaurants around here so if you are camping, come prepared with enough food and water to last for the duration.

Majuli photoPhoto by travelling slacker

2. Majuli, Assam

When to go: October to March

Suitable for: Peace-lovers, weekend getaways, couple, families, recreation

Feared to be soon extinct and submerged under the water, the island of Majuli is one of the least explored places in India. The river island is known as the largest fresh water island in the world and lies on Brahmaputra River. Boats and bicycles are the main modes of transportation around the island and are the best means to discover the pristine beauty of this island. Steer clear from the dubious taxi drivers and make sure you know everything about the tour before you agree to the price.

ziro photoPhoto by margaretha_hopfner – 800.000+views

1. Ziro, Arunachal Pradesh

When to go: Anytime

Suitable for: Everyone, especially peace and nature lovers

God knows why this place has not been discovered yet but we reckon it’s a good thing. At least, laying low has gifted Ziro with the ability to maintain its beauty and charm. The antiquated little town of Ziro is most famous for its Apa    Tani tribe, rice fields, pine hills, and of course the Ziro Music festival. You can’t leave here without buying a couple (or five) bamboo-made items and scarves.

There is so much beauty in the world but so little time to see them all. Let’s spend our time exploring the new and appreciating what we already have. Happy wanderlustig!

Photo by travelling slacker

10 Most Underrated Destinations In India

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