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Uncovering Champa Gali, The Hidden Gem Of Delhi

Good eating and drinking have become part of Delhi’s cultural fabric. With everything from fine dining tasting menus to the perfect cup of loose-leaf tea available, Delhi is firmly established as the great eating city in the profundity and breadth it offers.

Housed in an iconic and elegant capital city Delhi, Champa Gali has been providing eager explorers with an elegant atmosphere. The Champa Gali in Delhi sees a totally fresh and punchy experience to anticipate and indulge in it.

Champa Gali – What To Explore

Delhi Cafe photo
“Photo of crushed velvet” by Vikramdeep Sidhu under CC BY 2.0

Champa Gali is full of happening cafes which could be best for those who like to loose their track of time:

1. Cafe Hameen Ast’o

Mystical is the word that strikes a chord when we consider this lovely bistro that shares the best and the most legitimate Kashmiri cuisines. With an open terrace that illuminates in the night time, this spot carries a spot in your Facebook posts!

2. Pho King

The blue interiors, vertical greenery enclosures, and pixie lights – Pho King serves more than what you imagine. With heads up at night and the trees lit up makes this spot look even more superior. The Sombrero burger with their Iced Thai Tea is best to go with a loving evening with your loved ones.

3. Soho Bistro and Cafe

There’s no doubt that with funky lights, colorful interiors and a wonderful terrace, is warm and welcoming. So too is the Bombay Maska Sandwich and the Foamy Belgian Chocolate shake produced within it- hearty, wholesome hugs in a plate. But peer behind the counter, you’ll find a quiet, steadfast commitment to local sourcing, wholesome ingredients and creating a community of customers to sustain and nurture each other in Soho Bistro Cafe. Quite simply the kind of place that makes people happy.

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4. Jug Mug Thela

Sometimes something comes along which changes the game. The Jug Mug Thela is a fun, funky cafe that has been queueing round the Champa Gali since it opened. In fact, it’s being touted as the best cafe in Champa Gali, people have bowed to the power of the tea, espresso with a cut of their ravishing Chocolate Vanilla Marble cake, served up in a lively atmosphere.

5. Morellos

Known for its yummy and completely wonderful freakshakes, Morellos is an individual fave! The vivid and calming vibe of this spot makes for an astonishing hang out spot. So request up to one of their flavorful shakes and top off your Insta feed with huge amounts of lovely photos of this spot!

6. Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters

The typical cafe kind culture has indubitably swept Delhieties, with more cliquey cafes popping up every single month. Astute coffee drinkers and cafe trends have played an active role in this boom. While it’s always easy and convenient to whip up a good cup of coffee at home nothing can beat the combination of Blue Tokai Coffee Roasters along with coffee, or an espresso served along with Banana bread.

7. Social Street Cafe

In my view, the best cafes are those movie sets in which visitors enjoy their respective roles as both cast and audiences. Whether you are people observing others as you sip a coffee, or you are dreaming about your next great idea; at Champa Gali, it is damn easy to get tied-in and ignore time. Welcome to the idiosyncratic Social Street Cafe. Aside from the charming atmosphere that gives the space a beautiful sense of effortless and natural aesthetic, the style echoed throughout the space asks to be Instagrammed. Thus, head here and treat yourself!

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8. Patta Cafe

Another new section to the excellent Champa Gali, Patta Cafe, is exactly where you should be because nothing starts a day better or gets ideas flowing faster than a hot, refreshing cup of coffee at Patta Cafe. And when it’s paired with good company and delicious snacks, we believe that it can even change the world. They have Tibetan, Nepalese and Chinese foods on their menu and kid, their Mokthu Momos, Egg Thupka and Mutton Thakali look completely tasty. In this way, head here for some new and amazing increments to your instagram handles and furthermore to satisfy your bhukkad spirits!

So, which of these cafés are you planning to hit in first? In my view, you should plan and see each one of them! You will surely fall in love with the ambiance and the food. Spending an evening with your loved ones or that someone special in this delhi ki gali is a totally amazing feeling.

So, do let us know your experience of the very popular Champa Gali. Also, if you wish to add something here, drop it down to us in the comment section below.

Featured “Photo of New Delhi” by Avinash Bhat under CC BY-SA 2.0

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