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Celebration has always been a highlight in India and when it is to begin a new year, the celebration is grand. The first day of the year celebrated by people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka is known as Ugadi or Yugadi . Celebration of new beginning, with propensities and happiness.

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The celebration of Ugadi

  • The concept of Ugadi is celebrated in different part of India in different time with a different name,  like in Bengal its celebrated as Poila Baishak , Vikram Samvat /Bhartiya Nav Varsh,Gudi Padwa is the celebration of Marathi. All the celebration falls in the month of March and April. Ugadi is the start of the new beginning of a year as per the Hindu calendar. And the first month is called the Chaitra month.
  • Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh celebrates this day as a public holiday.
  • In India Astrology is very widely believed, thus prediction of the year or future is also very important .As Ugadi is celebrated the new beginning, thus forecast of the year is made on Ugadi. All are eager to know the forecast of the year.
  • The other name of this event is panchangasravanam. The annual calendar is also announced or proclaimed on a television broadcast .
  • New clothes are bought and cleaning of the house starts a week before to welcome the year in Ugadi.
  • Torans with raw mango leaves are made and put on the door of every South Indian house.
  • Abhyang is the custom of taking bath ealire morning before the sun rises, after the bath one should apply hair oil.
  • Rangolis is one of the most prominent feature of all south indian festivals. Colourful rangolis are made in front of the house. Powdered colours are used mostly, but some artistic people also use flowers and other ornamental designs along with them.
  • Coconuts and mango leaves are used on this auspicious occasions to propitiate gods. The use of cow dung water in and around houses is a common sight on the special day.
  • To gain blessing from God various ritual worship are performed on the beginning of the new day of the year. By the grace of God, prosperity,good health and bright future is wished and by all on this auspicious day. On this  special day new ventures are started with the blessing of God.
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The special preparation for Ugadi

  • Ugadi/Bevu Bella is the special sweet and sour dish prepared on Ugadi this contains of raw mango, neem,tamarind and jaggery as the main ingredients of the dish to get the flavour it sweet and sour.
  • This sweet and sour taste is prepared to make one realize the variety emotions of happy and sad are involved in life .
  • Many other dish are also made to make the celebrate the day.Some of the special dish like Bobbatlu, puliogure, holige and pulihora are prepared.
  • Avakai it is a special preparation for the occasion. Since this season is about mangoes everywhere, people prepare delicious pickles with mango and tamarind. This pickle preparing activity is an all-time favorite.
  • The celebrations end in the evening when people gather to listen to the religious panchangam or alamanac of the New Begining.

Kavi Sammelanam

As Ugadi is the start of a new year, all the people are excited about the Kavi Sammelanam (poetry recitation). This is a feast of poetic get together, new poems of different topics and style are shared with all. In these days the telecast of the  Ugadi Kavi Sammelanam are available on different media and the various electronic mode. All India Radio’s Hyderabad “A” station and the Doordarshan,(TV) Hyderabad generally telly caste this followed by the “panchanga sravanam” (New year calendar) sharing the forecast of the whole year. Letting the people know, how the year will pass. Kavis (poets) of many shades, comes together and make the feast special with their skill. Thus Ugadi is a festival of various shades. It lightens the happiness of celebrating the joy and enthusiasm to welcome the year with open arms .

The History behind  Ugadi

Yug meaning age and adi meaning the begining, this is a sanskrit word.Yugagi or Ugadi the time to welcome a fresh commencement of a new year .The folklore believed Lord Brahma created the world on the day of Ugadi.

  • On this day begins the Vasanta Navratri or Chaitra Navratri the nine days of the spring festival ending on Ram Navami.
  • Lord Brahma the creator of the world started his creation on the day of ‘Chaitra Suddha Padhyami’ or the Ugadi day.
  • Ugadi is celebrated in two types,the Sauramana Ugadi and the Chandramana Ugadi.
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The lunar solar calendar is followed majorly in India, this is called the Chandramana. The tilt of Earth makes the northern hemisphere receive more Sun light and energy of the Sun in this period of 21 days . After the darkness of Amavasya comes the new moon post equinox, this new moon is considered as the new day of the new year which is celebrated  as Ugadi.

Another way of celebrating the Ugadi is when the Sun enters the Mesh Rashi. The day is celebrated with loads of enthusiasm and joy. Everyone is in the festive mood dress in new cloths, cleaned house and offering prayer to God to help them begin and continue the year happily.

Ugadi begins on the first new moon, Ugadi is celebrated the next morning as an Indian day starts from sunrise. Samvatsara , start of a sixty years circle cycle.Unique name are given to identify the different Samvatsara .Another part of Luni-Solar calendar are the Solar calendar where the Sun position is only considered for the seperation of the year into months also days.This is the reason why new year is celebrated two times a year as per Hindu New Year in one year in another name and time of the year. In Tamil,Puthandu is the new year as per the Solar calendar and Bihu in Assam.In Punjab its Vaisakhi, Pana Sankranti in Orissa and in West Bengal its Poila Baishakh.

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Ugadi New Beginning With Properities And Happiness

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