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Tripura – Land Of Cane Handicrafts And Bamboo

India as we all know is a land of arts and crafts. We can say art and crafts thrive in almost every corner of India. There are various kinds of crafts ranging from metalwork, pottery, jewellery making, glassware, shell craft, stone work, woodcraft and much more.

But here I will be talking specifically on the Cane and Bamboo crafts which are found in India. These are very popular across the globe, both for their functional and aesthetic appeal. Cane and Bamboo Handicrafts are very popular in the north-eastern states.

Tripura is the most popular place in India for Cane and Bamboo crafts, because of their beauty and attractive designs. Let’s together know more about Tripura and its exquisite handicrafts:

In the eastern frontiers of India, this state adorns five mountain ranges, Boromura, Shakhan, Atharamura, Longtharai, and Jampui Hills. It is India’s third smallest state which is connected by only one major highway. Tripura has curved out a name for itself in the field of Handicrafts, from time immemorial. It is gifted with artisan who produce wonderful objects of craft. Surprisingly these crafts are produced from a very simple material like cane, bamboo and wood.

Arts and Crafts of Tripura


Weaving art is believed to be very holy within the state. The people of this state seems to have been blessed with the excellent skill of weaving. They can depict exquisite historical religious moments through their art over fabric. Tripura state’s weaving contains mixture of Manipuri, Bengali and Tribal weaving techniques and designs.


The handicrafts  are extremely popular and is a reason why Tripura gets this prime position. From ages, this state is very much famous for their handicraft produce. The artist creates extremely beautiful decorative and useful items, which are made from cane, bamboo and wood. The special types of crafts are mat products, floor mats, dining table of bamboo and furniture, partition, panels and lamp shades. The bamboo and cane artefacts of Tripura are believed to be India’s best handicraft items.

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Rock Carving

The rock cut cravings from Tripura have often astonished and pleased the art lovers. The artists of Tripura, possess brilliant skills and can carve big rock image. Rock cut carving art was started in Tripura state’s Unakoti, during the seventh century.

Cane and Bamboo work

Cane and Bamboo work is a very hugely popular craft of the Tripura state. When we talk about its popularity, then it’s just not limited to India but also abroad. The handicrafts are majorly dependent on 2 prime things, bamboo and cane. A variety of Handicraft items are available in Tripura, which is made by native artists. Few famous cane and bamboo crafts are lamp shades, dining table made of bamboo, mat products, furniture and floor mats.


Jewellery making forms an essential part of Tripura’s arts and crafts. Tripura’s Jewellery plays a major role in the tribal people’s life, who are located in the northern eastern part of state. They are experts in making several types of tribal jewellery which are very popular and in demand with the regional people and also the tourists. The artist who are extremely talented make many beautiful and elegant jewellery. The materials used are bronze, silver and copper. They produce a variety of jewellery like necklaces, earrings, rings, nose rings and bangles. One of the most demanded product is a necklace with coin shape design.

Featured Photo by infinity7664

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