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For the likes of many travelers who are touring India for the first time, India would seem like a fantastic place. It is so diverse in its cultural heritage that it can capture the fascination of each traveler. The same can be said of a Tribal music of India. It is a widely accepted fact that culture in India is diverse and varied. However, it still binds the nation in a common form of identification. Unknown to many travelers, India is a land that boasts of a great heritage of music and classical dance. As earlier mentioned, India’s diversity in culture enables it to present unique forms of dance styles and music. The same can be said of the Tribal music in India. Many also refer Indian Tribal music as a mystical form of experience that best depicts the rich heritage of the country.

If a traveler thinks that the places of India present a unique form of diversity, then they have to think twice. It is so because India is also a land of various tribes who have their own culture. Though many of these tribes have been recounted in the Indian history, there are still many tribes in India who have not been able to create history. Indian Tribal music best depicts the unique form of culture that these tribes possess. At times it can be boring for a traveler just to witness the fascinating places. However, with the help of Tribal music, it can be ensured that the boredom of an individual gets warded away. Indian Tribal music is so rich in a melody that it can instantly make a person revive his or her senses.

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The various forms of Indian Tribal music

One of the unique countries in the world regarding diversity, India is a land of wonders. Besides breathtaking architectures and natural beauty, music in India can also play a crucial role in making sure that the traveler does not feel tired. On the other hand, India has been a land of many legendary musicians and singers who with their talent were able to capture the attention of the whole world. Here is the list of several forms of Indian Tribal music.


It is also known as clan-god festival music. It is one of the popular forms of Indian Tribal music that is famous among the Muria tribes of India. The Muria tribes belong to the Bastar region in the present day the Chattisgarh state of India. Moreover, among the hills of Maria, it is known as Kaksar. This music is being played in the culminating event of the harvest festival in this region. This form of Indian Tribal music is being performed so that the clan gods bless the Muria tribes to reap an abundant harvest in the subsequent years. This harvest festival also marks the occasion of the young women and men participating in common dance forms so that they can seek out their future marriage partners.

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This musical performance begins with a hakum that implies a buffalo horn trumpet. The principal instrument in playing this Indian Tribal music is the mandri. The player of this musical instrument usually dances with other clan mates who are enough to make a traveler gasp at this site with wonder. All elements of this musical performance are synchronized rhythmically with the help of a drum. Quite interestingly despite dishing out such a vibrant musical performance, the way these musicians maintain symphony is a treat to watch. It can be very appealing to the likes of many travelers.

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Marmi Pata

It is a great form of song among the tribes of the Central India. It is a form of Indian Tribal music that is performed in wedding festivities. In this context, it is worthwhile to note that this song is sung by six to eight singers who join hands and dance in a curving line. This form of a song is a chorus that seems very appealing to the tourist. Moreover, it can enthrall the senses of many visitors. The females of these tribes are usually the ones who are tasked to lead in vocals. The natural setting of this form of Indian Tribal music is in the forests, and quite interestingly it is being performed on a full moon day. The musical dance performance along with the beautiful Tribal music is enough to capture the fascination of the travelers. However, this Tribal music is played with a majority of instruments like that of the buffalo horn trumpet and the old Indian flute.

Karsana Pata

It is an old form of Tribal recreational music which is quite popular in the Bastar region of India. Moreover, this type of Tribal music is not a dance style of music. It is played to please the weather gods. Hence, it is quite evident that the Bastar region of India in quite generous in projecting its rich cultural heritage in the form of Tribal music. This type of Tribal music serves the dual purpose of pleasing the gods as well as for recreational uses. It is quite a unique form of a song as the overall form is a straightforward chorus that gives it a high stature among the class of Tribal music. Another prominent form of this Tribal music lies in the fact that this type of music has a hiccup which renders the song a unique stature. The pro,moment musical instrument that is used to playing this beautiful form of Tribal music is the Mandri Drum. The drummer is usually very skilled musician who takes utmost care in ensuring that he plays the drum in the right fashion so that the music does not get spoiled. On the other hand, it is a form of Tribal music where drums play a significant role. Hence, the drummer in this kind of music is skilled and adept.

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The Tribal Music Of India

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