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Rupin Pass is known as one of the most classic treks in India. Many also call it as an orchestra as it builds up scenery after every passing trail. With every new step, Rupin Pass throws unique landscapes of natural beauty. Moreover, to complement the landscape, the waters of the Rupin run along the trekking trail. It starts from the region of Uttarakhand and ends in Himachal. It is a high altitude trek which is situated at 15250 feet. Hence, if you are a trekking enthusiast and are dying to trek on this trail, you need to be physically fit. Physical fitness is of utmost importance if you want to go hiking on Rupin Pass. On the other hand, the high altitude is a favorite reason why trekkers are fond of Rupin Pass. It has a diversified number of sceneries and has plenty in store for the trekkers. As the approximate length of the Rupin Pass is 52 kilometers, you can witness a lot of beautiful natural sceneries on your way.

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What are the surprises on the Rupin Pass?

There are a lot of surprises while trekking on this trail. As it is known as one of the most beautiful trekking trails in India, it has plenty of surprises in store for the trekkers. For instance, you can witness a lot of waterfalls. The best of the sights that one can see at the Rupin Pass are thousands of waterfalls flowing down from the hills as it seems that they are falling from the sky. Besides, that nature can surprise you with her serene beauty on the hiking trails. By trekking on the Rupin Pass, it would be an experience that you would preserve for an extended period.

Moreover, if you are lucky, you can witness the famous Jhaka village while trekking on the Rupin Pass. The Jhaka village is positioned in such a manner at the edge of the mountain that it seems it is hanging from the mountain. Another major attraction while trekking on this trail is that you would witness a lot of snow bridges. It is a unique experience to walk on snow bridges, and it is guaranteed that it would an old trekking experience for you. This trail is also full of lush green forests. The trail of the Rupin Pass passes through the forests of fir, apple, and Rhododendron. One of the most interesting things about these forests is that the entrance and exit to the woods are so sudden that it would seem like a movie set up.

Besides that, the chirping of several sweet winged creatures is enough to take away your tiredness while trekking on the Rupin Pass. Moreover, you can visit the Kinnaur Temple to seek blessings from the almighty to have a safe trek. Also, the view of the Kinner Kailash while trekking is just breathtaking.

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Rupin Pass photoPhoto by uzi yachin

How to reach Rupin Pass?

Rupin Pass has located very near to Dehradun, and hence it is well accessible by road, rail, and air. Dehradun is connected to almost all the major cities of India. If you are a foreigner and it is your first trip to India, then you would find that Indian domestic flight rates are quite affordable. Jolly Grant Airport is the official name of the Dehradun airport. It is situated around 25 km away from the central city. Furthermore, there is a daily flight that connects Dehradun to the capital of India, Delhi.

If you want to make your journey more pleasurable but a bit uncomfortable, you can always opt for the services of the Indian Railways. Dehradun has an extensive rail network that makes it possible to connect itself to all the major cities of India.

You can also opt for traveling by road to reach Rupin Pass. NH 72 connects Nahan to Dehradun and the other main cities like Chandigarh and Shimla. Moreover, there is regular bus service from Delhi to Dehradun. So, you can also opt for a bus while traveling to Rupin Pass.

Once you reach Dehradun, you need to make sure that you arrange your car or van to reach Rupin Pass. You have to reach Dhauala which is 11 hours’ drive from Dehradun. Dhaula is the base for the Rupin Pass trek. It is regarded as a sleepy hamlet of a few dozen homes and is also known as the last road head of Uttarakhand. The drive to Dhaula is full of scenic beauties that please the eye.

What is the essential trekking equipment that you should take to Rupin Pass?

It is a widely accepted fact that different trekking trails require various types of equipment. The Rupin Pass is not an exception to this belief. The Rupin Pass trek is like a Hollywood thriller. There are such sudden changes in the scenery that you would be fascinated by their views. It is one of the best trails that one can hike in their life. However, one also needs to take into account the need of proper trekking equipment.

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One should take a 60-liter backpack with comfortable shoulder straps. One must also invest in a good quality rain pack while trekking on the Rupin Pass. On the other hand, it is highly advisable to take hiking sticks on the trail. You can also opt for making head flashlights and hydration packs. You should also carry energy bars and dry fruits to keep hunger at bay. The inclusion of a personal medical kit in your backpack is mandatory.

The Rupin Pass trek is one of the most enthralling experiences for you. There are various ways with the help of which you can book your trekking vacation. On the other hand, there are also a wide variety of trekking institutions in the Himalayan region that would help you with the formalities of beginning a trekking adventure.

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Trekking On The Rupin Pass Would Be An Experience

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