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“Tujhe Aksa beach ghuma doon, aa chalti kya…?” Admit it, whenever you heard about the famous Aksa beach, immediately you have started humming this popular Hindi movie song. But how many of you have visited this beautiful beach physically, other than searching for its images on the internet after hearing this hilarious duet? In this article, you will come to know about the true beauty of Maharashtra’s famous coastal heaven, the mighty Aksa beach and how to plan your next visit to the place to create an unforgettable memory out of your trip. Aksa  beach is a serene calm beach which is known for its unspoiled level of beauty. The clear water in the shade of blue accompanied by clear sunny sky can make you forget about your daily hustle at the very moment you step on to the threshold of Aksa. This beach is popular among the tourists from all across the world. They consider the place as an ideal getaway from the gray life of the city. Aksa is also becoming popular with the ardent lovers of nature because of its serene atmosphere along with calm waves. This beach is lined with an array of coconut trees, and one can also witness the cottages built on the beach. The entire view is enough to render you with an unparalleled memory of your holiday which you will never be able to forget in your lifetime.

Aksa Beach photo

Photo by Gauravonomics

The exact location of Aksa beach

This beach is located in the State of Maharashtra in India. The coordinates of this place are nineteen point one seven seven three degrees to the north and seventy-two point seven nine five zero degrees to the East.

The weather at the beach

The weather of Aksa beach remains moderately warm throughout the three hundred and sixty-five days of a year. The summers in this place, fortunately, are not scorchingly heated. The summer months last in between March and May. The monsoon paints a very different picture at Aksa for the tourists. This place receives a good amount of heavy downpours. At this phase, the true beauty of the place is manifested with lush green tress and calmness of the waves. The monsoon season starts from the month of June, and it ends in the late September. The winter season at the beach is comfortably cold. The weather at this time is very pleasant. Aksa witnesses an unimaginable footfall of the tourists during the pleasant weathers of monsoon and winters.

Aksa Beach photo

Photo by Jayashreee

What to carry while visiting the beach? Know about the accommodations as well

The localites who reside in Aksa are very friendly. If you choose to go for the option of homestay, then you are going to experience the warmest welcome of the local people who will serve with the best amenities in exchange for a small amount of money. The tourists also get hold of the budget hotels and the lodges which also provide standard services to the tourists. The travelers who come from outside India, it is obvious for them to acquire a proper tourist visa and the permission of the Indian Government which states the purpose of the visit as well as the tenure of a visit. Also, while traveling to this beach, one has to carry proper passports and photocopies of the permitted visa. Food has never been a problem at Aksa. The place has got some great multi-cuisine food plazas where you can taste great tasting delicacies at a very low price.

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The activities of Aksa beach for the tourists

One can walk along the prolonged stretches of the coastline of this beach and enjoy the cool breeze of the sea to get a calm and pleasant experience. The most comfortable time to visit this beach is at the time of the early hours of the morning. At that time, the water, as well as the shore, is extremely clean. One can also swim in the clean waters of the sea, but with the presence of life guards only. As the hours of the day graduates with the reducing water level of tides, one can get out of his or her accommodation and then enjoy the serene sight of the evening. During the weekends, the Aksa beach becomes a perfect destination for the romantic couples, and just for this reason, this beach draws a lot of young crowds frequently to enjoy their courtship with each other. It is important to know that at times, Aksa also provides the perfect spot to an individual to spend his or her solitude. The travelers across the world come back to Aksa, again and again, to bask in its scenic beauty and come closer to Mother Nature.

The places around the beach ideal for visiting

The Marve, as well as the Madh beaches both, are splendid destinations for the beach bums. One can travel to these places directly from Aksa. The beaches here are also clean and hygienic. These can harbor as great picnic spots or party places for the families as well as the youth crowd respectively.

From the beach, one can also visit the Essel World Adventure Park and water park. Essel world is a globally renowned adventure park which comprises of thrilling, exciting and adventurous rides. At the Essel water park, one can also enjoy the artificial sea waves and other water rides. This significant park is loved by the kids and their parents alike. In fact, the Essel water theme park is considered to the largest one in Asia.

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During your holiday, you can also visit the National Park of Borivali. This is very close to Aksa. The other name for this national park is the Sanjay Gandhi National Park. This park houses some of the outstanding creations of Mother Nature in the form of enriched and wild flora and fauna. Another attraction which is found in the park is the Kanheri Caves.

Featured Photo by Gauravonomics

Traveling To Aksa Beach In Maharashtra

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