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Travel India, For An Experience Of A Lifetime

India is well known for its unique hospitality and great culture. With more than billions of citizens, India is considered as the second most populated country in the world. You can experience great diversity in the culture and there are great differences to explore in the geography. India is also well known for being the largest democratic country in the world. Lots of tourists travel india to explore the real beauty of this country.

Travel India, One Lifetime Experience

There is no doubt that you can enjoy every type of climate and culture here. India is a secular country and respects all the religions without any discrimination. You will be amazed to know the fact that still; we are living in a unity with all the cultural values. There are some particular reasons why you should travel to India.

The Wonder Of The World

Taj Mahal is well known for its beautiful artwork and it is counted among the Seven Wonders of the World. In the moonlit night, you will be fascinated to see the beauty of this remarkable historical building.  It is made by the beautiful white marble and two thousand workers build it. They worked day and night for more than twenty years.

The intricate carvings and calligraphy are remarkable and well famous in the entire world. One king built this beautiful creation in the memory of his beloved after her death. Now this place is well known as a symbol of love.

Know Your Spiritual Powers

yoga photo
Lost Coast Yoga by Pierce Martin under CC BY 2.0

In the ancient time, world-class institutions were established in India like Nalanda and Takshshila. Students from the entire world used to come here to gain good knowledge.

There are many spiritual mentors who can tell you the right method of doing Yoga, Meditation and invoking the inner powers of your body and mind. You will be able to go inside and meet a new personality of yours. Every culture and religions are on the peak point here and you will be glad to explore about them.

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Find Out More About Indian Architecture

Some beautiful structures are present here which belong to the royal history of the India and architecture. You can get a chance to explore them by visiting the Aurangabad district of the Maharashtra state of India.

You can visit the Ajanta Caves to see the beautiful Buddhist cave monuments. They belong to ancient times and it is believed that construction period was 2nd century BCE.  It is the most exclusive work available of the Indian Art.

You will be able to find beautiful paintings which you will never find at any other place of the world. You will be able to find the shreds of evidence of the world’s most early civilization.

Be On The Top Of The World

Yes, you will find some of the highest peak points here in the Jammu and Kashmir. You can visit the Himalayas ranges. You should try to visit the Ladakh area. It is well known for its beautiful mountain ranges and lowest temperature. Beautiful lakes are here that you can enjoy. You will also get a chance to ride on a motorcycle on some very adventurous routes.

Enjoy Festivals

India is a country of festivals. On the daily basis, there are great festivals celebrated. You can visit the India markets during the Diwali, enjoy the Holi and Onam. These are some of the top celebrated festivals. In the spiritual places like Varanasi, you can also enjoy the journey of god. Fair and festival are centers of the attraction for everyone. Everyone celebrates them with great joy by every class of people. Despite the different cast, culture, creed and language people come together while celebrating different festivals.

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There are thousands of others logic behind traveling to India. It is a lifetime experience and you can hardly describe the feelings in the world. So, travel to India and enjoy a beautiful memorable journey.

Featured Photo:ramnagar bridge by rajagopal_rajeev under CC BY 2.0



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