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It is scarcely known to all that the North Eastern frontier of the Indian Sub-continent is extremely musical, and not because of the only rich tribal music, but you will be startled to know that the Rock Band culture of India is intensely found in the states of that area. These numerous rock bands of India have a lot to offer to the global audience in the form of rock band enthusiasts. Shillong, in reality, is known as the capital of the rock culture of India. There are numerous festivals in this part of the country which are known for the promotion of this globally popular genre of music.

Some of the notable rock band festivals are Ziro festival held in Arunachal Pradesh, and the Horbill Festival held in the Nagaland.  These two popular musical festivals are considered to have given birth to many rock bands since the eras of 1960s and 1970s.  Music does not have to get created, because Mother Nature has given that boon to the Indians in bounty, as remarked by Ambar Das, who is a popular musician in the North Eat known for mastering the instruments like Blues harp, bass, guitars, percussions, drums and what not? He also remarked that learning music is not a necessary thing, rather, it important to explore the musical talent of the people by themselves, if they are interested in it. We all know that the rock music as a distinctive genre is extremely different from the other genres of music, and the only thing one has to take the training in, is the instruments to be played. You see someone playing a guitar, you tag along and start to sing; it is as simple as that.

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The enriched classical and rock musical dias of the North East India

India as a musical country, stands in the top position  on the global arena. We all know about the classical music, the Bollywood music and even the songs of Tagore that has created a stir in the global arena, but rock band of India, has not been able to create a distinctive popularity in this case. This region, is known for the tribes of the hills which create a musical environment at the mountains. But, since the tribes are independent in nearly every social aspect, they know how to adapt to the new things, and at that juncture, came the rock band as a new addition to their inspiration of living. They have taken the concept of rock culture so much seriously that many make a good amount of living out of it. Music has no limits or boundaries and this concept has been rightfully proved by the band culture of the north eastern India. Most of the music of the tribal India are based on the five notes of the scale of penatonics. The beats are somewhat similar to the African music of Reggae. But with the taste of the metal rock music, the north eastern people somewhat got to relate themselves with it.

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Some of the top North Eastern bands of India that you must make it a point to listen to

  • The Vinyl Records is an out and out girl band which was formed back in the year 2010. The band members hail from Arunachal Pradesh and they are known to have performed in the festivals namely The LOUDEST Gig, Puma Loves Vinyle, Ziro Festival of Music.
  • The Voodoo Child band, hailing from Assam is well known for its talented musicians. This band is considered to be the brainchild of the lyricist and the vocalist of the group Rittique Phukan. The band had made to the covers of the Rock N’ Roll Magazine.
  • The band with the name Lucid Recess was formed back in the year 2004 by the musical brother Amitabh Bariua and Siddharth Barua. For the rest of the country, this band is considered to be the best Indian Metal Band. They have won the prestigious Toto Award in the year 2011.
  • The band with the name Cleave hails from Assam which is a progressive musical group. This band has featured in the media for being effectively connecting with the youth.
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Rock Music And Traditional Culture Of India

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