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When we talk about Rajasthan, we instantly think of colours. Yes, that is because of the fact that the people in Rajasthan wear beautifully coloured clothes. Rajasthan might have dull-coloured monotone of the sands and hills but the kind of clothes the people wear here add cheery and vibrant spirits to it with its bright and beautiful colours. We can also say the attire of the people makes up brilliantly for the greenery and flowers which are absent in this particular part of India. Isn’t that interesting? Then let’s explore the colourful, lively and traditional attire of Rajasthan. Let’s get started people.

Rajasthani Costumes & Jewellery: Much More Than What We Think

The Rajasthani clothing is totally outstanding and lively, it clearly displays the high spirit of the inhabitants, their religion and also their culture. Each and every individual wears totally unique and fabulous dresses, and each one looks amazing be it the young or the old. This doesn’t hold true for one particular gender, but both men and women wear amazing colourful and beautifully designed costumes. Their costumes show the great character of this north-western state of India.

The costumes worn by the Rajasthani people especially those living in the desert areas are not just mere ornaments for them, but these hold a lot more importance than we actually think. From head-to-toe identity, whatever these people wear portrays an image of their religion, their economic and social status in Rajasthan. So be it the turbans, clothes, jewellery and footwear, remember it is definitely telling you something. Also the costumes of the people on Rajasthan are designed taking into consideration the weather and local conditions.

Well-Defined Male & Female Costumes

There is not much confusion when it comes to the attire in Rajasthan. Both the males and the females have costumers which are well-defined and also suit the climate and conditions in which they live. Pagari (turban), dhotis, angarakha, pyjamas, kamarband or patka (waistband) are the integral part of the male’s attire. On the other hand, ghaghara (long skirt), choli or kurta, blouses and odhani are the integral part of the female attire. Let’s discuss in details the outfits of both Rajasthani men and women.

ghagra choli photoPhoto by Koshyk

The Outfits of Women in Rajasthan

I am sure you would have heard of Ghagra and Choli. Well the traditional outfit of the women of Rajasthan is Ghagra, Choli and Odhini. Ghagra is a long skirt and Choli or Kurtiis the blouse or tops. The Ghagra is mostly an ankle-length short that has a narrow waist and is very flared at the base. Like the usual shirts the Ghaghrasis commonly unfolded from the lower end. One interesting thing about the Ghagra is the pleats and width, these are actually a symbol of health of females.Ghaghras are available in diverse styles and colours and are immensely popular among the women in Rajasthan. These are mostly made of cotton material. They are coloured and designed popularly Laharia, Chunari and Mothra prints.Cholis are the tops or the blouses, these are also available in different colours and designs. Coming to the beautiful Odhini’s now, these odhinis are tucked in one corner inside the skirt and the other end is worn over the head. Like the Ghagras the Odhnis are also available in different colours and styles, these are commonly selected as per the colour of the Ghagras to be worn along with it.

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Rajasthan photoPhoto by Nick Kenrick.

The Outfits of Men in Rajasthan

The integral part of the men’s outfit in Rajasthan are the Pagri, Pyjamas, Angarkha, Dhoti, Patka, and the Kamarbandh. The turban or as they call it “Pagri” is one of the most important part of the men’s attire in Rajasthan. The way the Pagri is worn holds a unique implication to Rajasthani men as this is a symbol of the region and caste they follow. Pagri are available in different shapes, sizes and colours. Also for special events and festivals special types of Pagris are designed. The size of a normal Pagari is around 8-inch-wide and 82 feet. Common or the local men in Rajasthan wear similar colour Pagri, while the rich men wear designer and colourful turbans.

Now lets come down to the Dhotis or the Pyjamas, these are typically form the lower part of the Rajasthani men’s attire. Dhoti is a piece of cloth, and wearing it perfectly requires a bit of practice. This is a regular dress and most of the men wear white colour Dhotis during normal days. However during festivals amd special events, you can see the men wearing Dhotis with Zari border and also Dhotis made of Silk material.

Angarkhas are body protectors which are commonly designed in cotton. People from Rajasthan wear Angarkhas during festivals. Angarkhas are made in two different types, i.e. long Angarkha and Kamari Angarkha.

Patka is an immensely beautiful garment which is commonly worn by the higher classes or the royal families. These Patkas are typically made of cotton. During the old times, Patkas were worn all around the waist; however the youngsters of this current era are showing less interest in wearing them.

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Rajasthani Jewelry And Accessories

ghagra choli photoPhoto by Nagarjun

When I talk about the beautiful Rajasthani jewelleries I end up saying “Oh My God”. Trust me this jewellery is something that will surely awe you off. Rajasthani Jewellery have unique and stylist design and are embellished with diamonds, emeralds and expensive stones. One unique thing about Rajasthani Jewelry is that its designs are related to natural elements like sun, moon, leaves and flowers.

The Rajasthani Men wear earrings along with pearl necklace or gold chain. They also wear thick and big bracelet which is also worn around their neck. Tribal Women like Meena, Gayari and Bhil wear different kinds of jewelleries. The Raikas and Rabari women wear beautiful silver jewelleries.

Mojaris Or Jootis : The Footwear of Rajasthan

Jootis photoPhoto by kinshuksunil

You will be surprised to know that most of the shoes in Rajasthan are designed from sheep, camel or goat. These are immensely popular and are known as Mojaris or Jootis. The Mojaris or Jootis are popular not just in Rajasthan but across India, they are beautifully crafted and have stunning embroidery over velvet or brocade done over them.

Attire For The Royals In Rajasthan: Luxurious And Rich

The royal dresses of Rajasthan showcase the regional style and taste to the fullest. Special people used to design the luxurious and rich costumes during the ancient times. Kapaddwadra and Toshakhanand were the two specific sections of the dresses of king and queen. Wearing high-class dresses were the all time preference for the Rajput kings, for this colourful and designer clothing was designed for them. For the royal dresses rich materials from Gujarat and Varanasi were used. The Royal men and women also preferred using woven and embroidered Kashmiri shawls.

This was a little glimpse to the attire of Rajasthan. Well to know the real beauty of these outfits you actually need to see them for real. These in true senses add the missing element to the atmosphere of Rajasthan; missing elements mean the colors and shine of the leaves and flowers. Truly beautiful! Did you like reading this write-up? Do let us know your thought and experiences as comments.

Featured Photo by Nick Kenrick.

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The Colorful, Lively And Traditional Attire Of Rajasthan

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