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The Editorial Team at IndiaVivid bring in perspectives on various topics and themes with “Top Reasons” for the same. Top Reasons include themes like “5 reasons why Indore is the best foodie city in India

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5 reasons why Indore is the best foodie city in India


With 56 shops set parallel to one another, this place is a sanctuary for Indian Food & Indore Food lovers. Check out Chappan Dukkan and more.

Bhandardara – Weekend Getaway from Mumbai

Bhandardara – A Perfect Weekend Getaway Nested in the Sahyadri ranges in Maharashtra, this beautiful place is blessed with blessings of mother nature. Bhandardara is all about lush greenery, waterfalls, high mountains refreshing air and flawless ambiance; all this together…

10 Impeccable Gujarati dish that every food lover should try

samosa - pixabay

Love to have Swiss rolls? Well Gujarat has its own version of the popularly beloved Swiss roll and the locals call it Khandvi. Undhiyu is a side dish which mainly includes root vegetables, raw banana, eggplant and fenugreek fritters. Check Khandvi and Undhiyu and more..

10 Reasons that Will Make You Fall in Love with Delhi

delhi-1141306_1280 - pixabay

Delhi is a world in itself. Once you fit in it, there is no way you can escape the enchantment of the country capital. Delhi is all about the little things that make it. The very essence of life in the city makes it a favourite among its inhabitants as well as among the visitors.

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