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If you reside in and around Kerala, then the splendour of the place is no foreign to you but if you are new to the soil then here are seven of the Top Places to Visit in Kerala especially sorted for your convenience.

Top Places to Visit in Kerala

Kerala or Keralam is the south Indian coastal beauty that serves as one of the most exotic tourist destinations of the country. Situated along the Malabar coastline, this state is renowned for its spice trade as most of remaining Indian states receive their spices from here with an exception of Rajasthan. Mythologically, the land of Kerala had been recovered and established by the 6th Avatar of the Indian supreme God, Vishnu. Favoured by a large number of tourists who frequently visit India, this well-etched state lies between the Arabian Sea & the Western Ghats. Kerala is bestowed with every natural beauty that any nature lover urges to feel while visiting a place. Dotted with palm trees, pristine beaches and mesmerizing hills, backwaters and more, Kerala has it all.

Alappuzha or Alepey Beach:

This beach has an atmosphere of its own which perhaps signifies the true essence of Kerala. Alappuzha is a popular tourist destinations of the state where a pier, about 140 years old is a major attraction. The place is an ideal tourist spot for family picnics and one of the top places to visit in Kerala. Additionally, local visitors have innumerable entertainment facilities available. There is a light house nearby which evokes interest in many visitors.

Padmanabhaswamy temple photo

Padmanabhaswamy Temple Photo by Ebin Sam

Santa Cruz cathedral located at Fort Cochin is among the oldest churches of the country. It is also one of the eight Basilicas in India. Built by the first Portuguese viceroy, D. Francisco de Almeida, Santa Cruz Cathedral is a famous heritage edifice of Kerala and has recently completed its existence of five centuries. The magnificent cathedral has ancient paintings adorning its walls and beautiful wooden panelling which make it even more impressive to the visitors.

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Padmanabhaswamy temple:

Made in the style of Dravidian architecture fused with indigenous Kerala style, Padmanabhaswamy temple is where Lord Vishnu has been worshipped for ages. It is one of the largest worshipping temples of the Hindu almighty in India. For a long time, the temple and its assets were controlled by the Royal family of Travancore but recently the Supreme Court of India has retired the family from the responsibilities. Among the several rich assets of the temple, the famous is the three and a half feet tall solid gold idol of Mahavishnu which is studded with precious stones all over it.

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Mattancherry Palace:

Mattancherry Palace, popularly known as the Dutch Palace, is a Portuguese establishment located at Mattancherry, Kochi. The palace is famous for its Murals which are painted in rich vivid colours and are executed in some of the finest Hindu temple art. The king’s bed chamber has an illustration from the pages of Ramayana. There are several portraits of former Rajas of Cochin which have been exceptionally painted by local artists. There are also several other things of archaeological significance that includes an ivory palanquin, a howdah, coins, stamps and drawings. The nearby area has shops that attract tourists hunting for mementoes of ancient India.

Periyar National Park:

Considered as the finest example of bio-diversity, the Periyar National Park is a tiger reserve. Covering over an area of 925 sq. Km, this nature’s bounty has many endemic and rare species of flora and fauna that adds to its beauty and heritage. Located at the altitudes of Cardamom and Pandalam hills, this tiger reserve carries out numerous programs in which visitors are allowed to participate. With an average of a few thousands of visitors every day, the programs allow the visitors to go for elephant rides, animal spotting, short trekking and several other adventurous activities.

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Chembra Peak:

Chembra Peak photo

Chembra Peak, Waynad Photo by dhruvaraj

The Chembra peak is a part of Wayanad hill ranges in the Western Ghats. Located at a height of about 2100 m above sea level, this peak is famous for trekking activities. Kerala is perhaps one of those rare tourist destination where one gets to enjoy all possible forms of tour entertainments. From safari to trekking to sun bathing, Kerala has it all. The district tourism promotion council provides equipment on hire.

Muzhappilangad Beach:

Parallel to National highway 66, the famous Muzhappilangad Beach acts as the boundary between the road and the sea. While the scenic beauty of the place can only be described through a poet’s words, Muzhappilangad is famous for a greater reason. It is indeed the longest drive-in beach of the country and one of the top contenders in the whole world. The hard floor of the beach makes it suitable for driving. The feeling of driving on sand and the waves often coming towards the car is unexplainable yet life-long cherishable.

Only in a country like India, you can enjoy every bit of nature wherever you go for a tour or visit. This is the beauty of India and Kerala, being one of its prime tourist attraction destinations, is no exception. So next time, you plan a travel with your friends or family, why not try the extravaganza of Kerala and spend some time in the top places to visit in Kerala!


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