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Pachmarhi is regarded as one of the best hill stations in Madhya Pradesh. In this context, it is vital to note that Madhya Pradesh is situated in the Central part of India and is an ideal place for tourists. It is also the location of the Pachmarhi cantonment since the rule4 of the British. Another interesting fact about this hill station is that it is known as Satpura ki Rani. In other words, it means it is regarded as the Queen of the Satpura range. Moreover, Pachmarhi is located at the height of 1100 meter in the valley of the Satpura range. Quite interestingly, the name of this place is derived from the words Panch that denote five and Marhi that means caves. These caves are located on a hilltop, and thus they provide an excellent spot for the tourists to view the surroundings.

A brief history of Pachmarhi

 During the time of the arrival of the British, the Pachmarhi region was under the rule of the King Bhawut Singh who belonged to the Gond clan. As per the accounts of many Hindu legends, these caves were built by the Pandava brothers of the great Indian epic Mahabharatha. Quite interestingly, the Pandava brothers stayed in Pachmarhi for a considerable period of 13 years. The captain of the British army along with a local spotted the plateau in the Pachmarhi region at the year 1857. Hence, in a quick succession of time, Pachmarhi was developed into a hill station and a resting place for the British troops in the Central Provinces. Another interesting fact about this place is that the forest around the town is home to many rare varieties of trees and plants. This is the reason that this region was declared as a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve in May 2009. The climate of the Pachmarhi region is mild and temperate, and this attracts the tourists to a large extent.

Pachmarhi is often regarded as a bowl-shaped mountain resort in Madhya Pradesh. It is also known by the name of a sovereign of Satpura Ranges. Several kinds of events and festivals are held in Pachmarhi that again appeals to the rich taste of various tourists.

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Pachmarhi photoPhoto by dipabani

How to reach Pachmarhi?

It is a place where the magnificence of nature best compliments the architectural skills of the humankind. It is also a place that is best regarded as a treasure trove for the likes of nature lovers and photographers. There are several kinds of waterfalls and places of attraction that can guarantee that a visitor would be spellbound by these beauties. However, to experience all these, one needs to carefully reflect on the modes of transportation through which they would reach this beautiful place.

Pachmarhi is readily available by Air. The nearest airports are Jabalpur and Bhopal airports. The travelers and tourists can avail direct flights from other major metros. From the airport, there are a large number of buses and cars that are available to take visitors directly to Pachmarhi.

The travelers can also opt for the services of the Indian Railways. The nearest train station is Pipariya, and it falls in the mail line that connects to major Indian cities like Kolkata, Varanasi, Nagpur, and Gwalior. If someone cannot find a direct train to Pipariya, they can board trains till Itarsi.

If someone wants to reach Pachmarhi by bus, they can opt for the services of state government buses that are available from nearby cities like Indore, Nagpur, and Bhopal. In this context, it is important to note that even if they are traveling by train or air, the last part of the journey to reach Pachmarhi has to be undertaken by road.

Pachmarhi photoPhoto by Kirandeep Atwal

Top places of attraction in Pachmarhi

The Pandav Caves

It is regarded as one of the top places in Pachmarhi that a tourist can enjoy. Quite interestingly, this place has a mythological reference. As per mythology, these caves housed the Pandav Brothers of the great Indian epic Mahabharatha. As per many Hindu legends, this is the very cave in which the five brothers spent a major portion of their exile. The walls of these caves are adorned with beautiful handmade paintings and are a delight for any traveller who is an avid fan of photography.

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Jata Shankar

This place in Pachmarhi is also famous for the reason that Lord Shiva shaded his matted lock. This place is situated inside this cave. On the other hand, as per Hindu mythology, this is the place where Lord Shiva used to rest when he was afraid from the fear of Bhasmasur. Moreover, there are about 108 Shivalinga and thus they can evoke the interest of any tourist. There is also a water opening in the gate and nobody knows from where this water has originated. It is a great place for the tourists and they can take a wide array of photographs.

Gupt Mahadeo

One of the most interesting facts about this cave is that it is about 40 feet long. Moreover, the road to the Gupt Mahadeo in Pachmarhi passes through the Bade Mahadeo. The idols of Lord Ganesha and Shiva are present inside this cave. On the other hand, only eight persons can simultaneously pass through the tunnel.


It is one of the highest points in Pachmarhi. Its earlier name was Harvatsa Kot. The likes of the travelers and the visitors can enjoy the magnificent view of the sunset and sunrise. It seems that everyone who are on the top of this point can literally converse with the sun God. It is also a widely accepted fact that once a visitor travels to this place they would have a longing that they would stay in this place forever. Moreover, to see the sun rise and sunset, it is a unique experience that is beyond the earthly senses. All in all, Pachmarhi promises to be a perfect tourist destination, with all its natural beauty.

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Top Places To Visit In Pachmarhi

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