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If you are someone who loves the Dandiya dance, then you must be on the lookout for these positions in Mumbai. Along with Garba, it is the featured dance form of the Navratri evenings. It is a popular dance form that is usually practiced in the nights of Navratri. The Dandiya places Mumbai always offer a unique blend of ethnicity as well as beauty. Moreover, the Garba dance is slowly rising in its popularity by taking inspiration from various Bollywood movies as well as ethnic literature. On the other hand, the Dandiya dance songs are a rage in these happening places in Mumbai. Hence, as a Dandiya lover, you should make it a point to visit these areas.

Radiance Dandiya for Garba Dance

This happening place in Mumbai boasts of various renowned artists. This is the reason that the temperature of this position is always kept high during the festival of Navratri. The Dandiya dance songs are sung by these renowned artists, and you can dance your night to glory. Moreover, this place maintains a proper environment that is always compliant with all the significant ambiances that you would usually find on a Garba dance floor. You can also access their VIP set up which would provide you with various refreshments and drinks. You can even buy exotic food items at affordable rates, and you can win huge prizes if you are lucky.

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The Korakendra Garba place

If you are an avid Dandiya lover, then you must always pay a visit to this area. It is an ideal place for local Garba dancers, and there is still an enigma that surrounds this home. This substantial ground is usually swarmed with numerous groups who flaunt their Dandiya moves. There is something more to the ambiance that you have expected. You can be the lucky witnesses to the Garba crooners of the industry. You can also avail cheap foods that have high quality. Moreover, it is guaranteed that your time out there with the fun-filled activities by witnessing the Garba moves and the flow of music.

Goregaon Sports Club Complex

If you are on the lookout for Dandiya places Mumbai, then this place is the ideal spot for you to showcase your Dandiya moves. It is one of the major hotspots in the suburbs of Mumbai where you can avail fun and frolic. Moreover, you can be guaranteed of a good time and some live music performances by the renowned Garba artists. This place also plays the best Dandiya dance songs that are a teat to hear. These songs can also be performed for the purpose of Garba dance. The Dandiya dance always takes place after Navratri, and one can even witness various local band performances. The entry fee is 500 rupees only, and hence you do not have worry much about the money. It is a great place where one can have fun during the holy days of Navratri.

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The Ruparal Navratri Utsav

You will get a fascinating experience if you visit this place. It is one of the high places with the help of which you can have proper frolic during the time of Navratri. Besides that, you can also listen to the Dandiya dance songs by some famous Bollywood singers. On the other hand, the Garba music that is being played in this venue can make sure that you are properly enjoying your time. It is situated near the Vasant Complex, and one can enter the sports complex with a minimal fee. The Dandiya places Mumbai is one of the favored places in which you can avail all the latest food and refreshment.

The NSCI dome as a favorite Dandiya place

It is situated in Worli and is a favorite place for Dandiya lovers. They usually host the biggest Garba dance festival, and hence they are known as one of the favored places in Mumbai during the Navratri festival. The Garba goes here till midnight and is an event to watch for new time spectators.

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Top Places That Should Be Marked By Dandiya Lovers In Mumbai

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