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Do you like the idea of visiting new places near your hometown? If you are someone who loves to go on long drives, then you must drive through the national highways to get to your destination. The central government has taken necessary steps to develop the condition of these roads. Thus, you no longer have to worry about a bumpy ride anymore. But you cannot go on if you do not refuel your car and your body as well. There are petrol pumps to meet the fuel requirements of the vehicle, and the incredible dishes, served at the NH7 eateries will put the fire of hunger in your stomach.

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Importance of NH7 eateries along the road

Many people love the idea of camping under the sky. They do not bother about the luxuries that hotels will provide. They just desire to experience the raw beauty of nature. But these campers cannot fit everything in the car. Though they take ample dry food with them, it is better to stock up on water and other essential items when you want to go on an adventure trip. But what about the food you ask? Leave that to the fantastic NH7 eateries. Several such restaurants operate along the NH7 and will welcome hungry travelers with warm food. These eateries have a wide range of NH7 café cuisines, which will give you a taste of the local foods as well.

Apart from feeding the hungry tourists and food lovers, these restaurants also help the local farmers as these eateries make use fresh local produce that helps the native economy as well. It is the reason why the NH7 bistro price chart will amaze you. The food of high quality but the price is very low. So, if you desire to get a taste of any of these dishes, then check out the list of NH7 café cuisines.

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Cafe Goodluck

If you have an inclination towards Irani cuisines, then this is the restaurant that you must check out. Many NH7 eateries serve Irani dishes, but none are as famous as this bistro. The special tea they serve is not loaded with sugar and will complement the masks bun or Shirazi salad as a side dish. Egg lovers will love to dig into the double omelet that is a specialty of this café. The NH7 restaurant operates 7 am to 11:30 pm. So, you can get breakfast, lunch snacks and dinner here. Keeping true to its claims, this NH7 bistro price chart will bring a simple on your face.

German Bakery Wunderbar

If continental food tingles your taste buds, then this is the café that you need to visit when you are zipping through the NH7. People, residing in the surrounding places come to this restaurant as well, and it is always buzzing with activities. From sandwiches to mouth-watering pasta, almost every dish is a best seller. This NH7 restaurant will give you the experience of fine dining without burning a hole in your pocket. An average bill for two cannot exceed Rs. 500, unless you have a huge appetite.

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Street Meat

People, who drive through the NH7 and have a thing for meaty treats, do make it a point to check out this place. It is a fantastic restaurant that serves several chicken and mutton dishes with a mix of Mexican cuisines as well. One will also get tacos and hearty meals at affordable rates. The NH7 restaurant remains open from Tuesday to Sundays, starting from the noon till 10:30 pm. The average bill for two individuals will be around Rs. 600.

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Le Plaisir

It features among the best NH7 eateries, located along the NH7. It is a bakery but sells sweet as well as savory cuisines. It has vegetarian, meat and egg-based products and will also offer some delicious cakes for the diners to bite into. They make their loaves on a daily basis, and thus, everything is so fresh. The gates to this heavenly bistro open at 9 am and close at around 9:30 pm. You better reach the post early before the good things are gone.

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List Of Top NH7 Eateries Each Traveler Must Visit- An Ultimate Experience

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