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India is home to the world’s highest mountain range, none other than the Great Himalayan mountain ranges. Do you know these mighty mountains actually divides India from the other parts of Asia? Apart from exceptional natural beauty, these mountains are the main source of the rivers in our country. The Himalayan mountain ranges have been attracting tourist from across the world since ancient times. Well the Himalayan mountain ranges have all the fame from all across the world, but we also have some mountain peaks which are among the top 100 highest mountain peaks in the world, do you want to know about them? Then stay on.

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The Jewels Of India

Jewels Of India Yes, this term truly describes the highest peaks in India as the Indian map flaunts them over its crown. The snow-capped mountains display nature at its best, many tourists from across the country and the world are attracted towards it every year. The main reason tourist visit these places is to witness the beauty of the mountain peaks and the see the massive glaciers which are absolutely snowy. The north and the north eastern part of India homes most of these highest mountain peaks. The Himalayan Range and the Karakoram Range are the two major mountain ranges in the North and North-Eastern part of India. Both these ranges home some of India’s highest mountain peaks.

India’s 10 Top Highest Mountain Peak

Kanchenjunga photoPhoto by T_Monk

1. Kanchenjunga

Kanchenjunga doesn’t need any introduction; it is absolutely famous all across the globe. What makes the Kanchenjunga so famous is the fact that it bag’s the 3rd place among the premier peak in the world. In India Kanchenjunga is the highest mountain peak as it stands proudly at an altitude of around 28,169 feet. The meaning of Kanchenjunga is The Five Treasures of Snows. The 5 assets are Gems, Grain, Holy books, gold and silver. These massive mountain ranges are a group of five peaks in India and the five four stand tall at around 8450 ft.

2. Nanda Devi

On the 2nd position we have Nanda Devi which proudly stands tall at a massive height of around 25663 feet. Since Kanchenjunga is positioned on the border area of Nepal and India, Nanda Devi is solely the highest peak in India as it stands entirely within the country. One interesting fact about this mountain range is that before Dhaulagiri was discovered, until the year 1908 Nanda Devi was the highest known peak in the world.

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3. Kamet

Kamet bags the 29th position among the highest peaks in the world and is also the second highest in the Garhwal Himalayas. Located in Uttrakhand in the Chamboli District, this mountain ranges are set at an elevation of 7756 feet. In india it is the third highest mountain peak.

4. Saser Kangri I

Located in the Karakoram range in India, the Saser Kangri I \ Sasir Kangri is the highest peak which lies in the east part of the Karakoram Range. In the Saser Muztagh, the easternmost sub-range of the Karakoram range in India. At an elevation of 25,171 feet the Saser Kangril is ranked on the 35th position in world’s highest peaks.

5. Mamostong Kangri

Located in the Rimo Muztagh Range (a subrange of the Karakoram Range) the Mamostong Kangri is the highest peak in this remote area. The massive Karakoram Range spreads across three countries, India, Pakistan and China and the Mamostong Kangri is positioned in the Indian side of the Karakoram Range. it stands tall at an altitude of 24,659 feet, and bag’s the 48th position in world’s highest mountain peaks.

6. Saser Kangri II

Saser Kangri II is another absolutely magnificent peak located in Saser Muztagh. It spreads high with two peaks the eastern peak is at an altitude of 7,518 m and the western peak is at an altitude of 7,500 meters. Ranked at the 49th position the Saser Kangri II is listed among the top 100 mountain peaks across the globe.

karakoram photoPhoto by mmadsen

7. Saser Kangri III

Another one located in the subrange of Karakoram Ranges, in the Saser Muztagh range. The Saser Kangri III is on the 51st position in the top 100 peaks in the world. Mount Saser Kangri III stands high on an altitude of 24,590 feet.

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8. Saser Kangri IV

The chain of the Saser Kangri has four main peaks, and the smallest among all is the Saser Kangri IV. With an altitude of 7416 meters, this mountain range stands proudly in the Karakoram Range in the sub ranges of Saser Muztagh Range.

9. Ghent Kangri

Also known as Mount Ghent Ghaint I, this mountain peak lies in the northern end of the Saltoro Mountains. The Saltoro mountain ranges are another subrange of the Karakoram mountain ranges. The Ghent Kangri is located the western part of the Siachen Glacier, since 1984 this area is under the Indian control. The peaks of Mount Ghent stand tall at an altitude of 24281 feet. It is also ranked on the 69th position in the list world highest mountain peaks.

10. Abi Gamin

Abi Gamin is also known as Ibi Gamin; it is another highest peaks positioned in the state of Uttrakhand in the Chamoli district. Located around 2kilometers from the Kamet Mountain Ranges, the Abi Gamin lies on the India-Tibet border. After Kamet the Abi Gamin is the second highest mountain peak in this region. As a part of the Himalayan Range, the Abi Gamin Mountain peak stands tall at an elevation of 24,131 feet.

Perfect Trekking Destination

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These beautiful mountain peaks are perfect destinations for trekking. Thousands of people from all over the world experience this adventurous journey. Thousands of trekkers participate in various excursion and exploration projects from across the world. Since ages these mountain peaks have been attracting huge number of tourist. When it comes to trekking, climbing and hiking then the mountain peaks located in the north part of India are an all-time favourite destinations for adventure enthusiast.

Since ages our beautiful mountain peaks have been attracting people from around the globe. Wont you want to experience the splendid beauty of these snow-capped mountains?

Top Mountain Peaks Of India: The Jewels Of India

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