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If you are passionate about sighting ghosts or loves spookiest places then the top haunted Mumbai places would be your ideal place. These ideal places would help you to emphasize properly on the adventurism. Moreover, you can also gain a lot of weird experiences once you opt to visit these top haunted Mumbai places. These top haunted Mumbai places are the ideal gateways to experience weirdness.

Furthermore, as Mumbai is a throbbing city, it is resplendent with various places where one can still come face to face with unnatural elements. For years, people have reported incidents that are beyond the reasoning capability of science and technology. However, it is always good to stay conscious and alert as these places can also pose a threat to your security. Make sure that you visit these top haunted Mumbai places in groups to avoid any untoward incident. If you are in the city of Mumbai, then always make sure that you visit the top haunted Mumbai places.

Here is the list of top haunted Mumbai places

Since centuries, individuals have posed great curiosity about the existence of ghosts. As per many, they are mainly myths and in many incidents it has been depicted that they are above the normal reasoning capability of the normal human mind. The top haunted Mumbai places are the ideal spots where you may come face to face with a lot of supernatural elements. Let’s take a look at these places and how they fare at night in terms of spookiness.

Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Sanjay Gandhi National Park photo











Photo by dinesh_valke

The Sanjay Gandhi National Park by no means is a normal place owing to the fact that its features resemble like that of a forest. Moreover, forests have their own way of turning themselves into spooky spots. The visitors and guards who are frequent dwellers of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park have reported that they have often observed a ghostly trekker who vanishes into thin air after being approached. Another popular ghostly tale from Sanjay Gandhi National Park lies in the form of a female hitchhiker. She begs for lifts from passing cars. This has been verified as true by a large majority of the forest guards.

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Mukesh Mills

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Photo by anappaiah

Mukesh Mills is located in Colaba and has been abandoned years ago. It is also situated right beside the Arabian Sea. The location of the mills makes it a popular place for enjoying the scenic beauty. This is also the reason that Mukesh Mills is also known as the prime property in the Colaba area. It has been used extensively for ad and film shoots. However, you can hardly find anyone at night in the vicinity of Mukesh Mills. As per many film directors, they have often seen dark shadows lingering in the walls. Moreover, a majority of actors and staff have confessed to the fact that they have felt the negative energy of this place. In other words, as per them, it seems an evil spirit always follows them.

Aarey Milk Colony

Milk Colony photo










Photo by PranavBhasin_

Aarey Milk Colony is one of the most attractive spots in Mumbai. It is so because it has a plenty of green cover. It is also an ideal road for the morning walkers. However, this green spot is haunted. By the day, all would state it is one of the prettiest roads in Mumbai to walk. However, evilness grips the Aarey Milk Colony after dusk. For a considerable period of time, many individuals have reported various kinds of paranormal activities. The Aarey Milk Colony road connects the Western Express Highway to other parts of the city. The paranormal activity is in the form of a lady who is seen from the rear view mirror of cars. Many drivers and individuals while driving through the Aarey Milk Colony have stated this true. No matter how fast they drive, the distance of their vehicle from the figure of the lady always stays exact. One can also see a lady weeping by the side of road too.

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Featured Photo byAshwin John

The Top Haunted Mumbai Places- Visit For The Spookiest Experience

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