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Top Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

Whether you want to have a quiet time amongst the hills, relax in a busy metropolitan city, look for adventure sports, enjoy the serene beaches or revel in the caves in the twin hill stations nearby, Mumbai has it all and at weekend getaway time

Here are the 5 top weekend getaways from Mumbai that you can revel on if you are a Mumbaite. 


Lavasa photo

Photo by Bharath Ganesh

About 180 kilometres from Mumbai, this hill station epitomizes artificial beauty. It is entirely man-made but, does not seem so. The weather is pleasant and it is never too hot or too cold there. During the month of august, it drizzles a bit but that adds to the beauty of the place. The organised infrastructure and proper parking place is a boon to the visitors. You can enjoy various activities from water to adventure sports and even pamper yourself with beauty treatments. The colourful buildings lined up in a row serve as staying places.

Lavasa boasts of luxurious hotels and with a variety of options. There are restaurant options available for tourists. From a cafe coffee day to a bakery, Lavasa offers everything. It is an amazing place to stay for the weekend without getting bored. Though no direct buses go from Mumbai to Lavasa, you can book one from Pune. The journey is beautiful and picturesque. Stop your cab on the sideway and click loads of snaps.


Pune photo

Photo by ramnath bhat

You can visit both Lavasa and Pune on a single weekend. It is a great place to relax your soul and body because everything shuts down around 6 pm. People here prefer quietness and calmness. You can leave all your work and go out for a refreshing and rejuvenating time.

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Pune is about 149 kilometres from Mumbai and can be reached by train or bus. The most affordable option is travelling by train while, the most enjoyable one is renting a car and driving there yourself. For some light outing, you can go to the Aga Khan Palace which is infamous as the Gandhi prison. It is also known as the Kasturba Gandhi memorial because she breathed her last here. It is an important site of the Indian freedom struggle.

The Shaniwar Wada, which is a Peshwa fort welcomes you with a huge and beautiful gate. The area encloses large, sprawling gardens with a ruined structure. Climbing up the large steps, you reach the now single storied remains of a palace which was gutted down by fire. Shaniwar Wada boasts of a huge garden and has become an important place for public speeches. People come to click pictures in the remains and picnic in the gardens.


Hardly two hours away from Mumbai, Karjat is like a mini hill station with sparse population and extensive greenery. It boasts of small hills and rivers flowing through them which make it a popular trekking destination. The serene atmosphere and appropriate climate allows people to play some adventure sports like, rappelling and river rafting. The Ulhas Valley in Karjat, as the name suggests, is a source of joy and delight. The scenic beauty and the greenery would compel you to sit for hours. Peace and tranquillity is a ubiquitous force there.

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Alibaug is a town between Pune and Mumbai and is famous for its beach, the Alibaug beach. It is the perfect beach getaway for people who are tired of the beaches of Mumbai. The easiest and fastest way to reach Alibaug is to take the ferry. The other option is to go via road, which would take about three hours because it is a roundabout route. It is a hub of beaches which are located in close proximity with each other.

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The Varsoli beach is about a mile from Alibaug beach and the Nagaon beach is approximately 10 kilometres from there. It is famous for its coconuts and betel nuts. Inspite of these comparatively cleaner beaches, Alibaug remains a secluded town. Not a lot of people know about this place. You can enjoy the reinvigorating breeze and bathe in the sunlight without disturbance. Adventure sports are another attraction of the beaches. You can jet ski in the water and drive those monster bikes. If you love heritage sites, you can wade through the water and go to Kolaba Fort, which is about one or two kilometres from the shores of Alibaug. It is situated in the sea and you can take a boat from Alibaug to the fort.

Lonavala and Khandala

Khandala photo

Photo by Nagesh Kamath

These are the most popular hill stations for Mumbaikars. Lonavala is about 82 kilometres by road from Mumbai and Khandala is 78 kilometres. They are also known as the twin hill stations which experience an influx of tourists during the monsoon season. Karla,  Bhaja and Tungi caves are the places of tourist interest in Lonavala. While the Tiger’s Leap in Khandala gives the illusion of a tiger jumping into the valley. The Duke’s nose or the Karla and Bhaja caves are some other places of interest in Khandala.


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