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Visit Lucknow – 5 Reasons Why:

The capital city of Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow, also known by the name ‘the city of nawabs’ has been able to preserve its age old glory and charm despite observing incredible modernization. The formality, hospitality and warmth of the city here is not lost. “Muskuraiye ki aap Lucknow mean hain”

Here are the chief five reasons as to why you should visit Lucknow, the city of courteous culture

The Food and The Textile

Lucknow photo

Photo by Shashwat_Nagpal

Lucknow is popular for its chicken dishes as well as its fabric called “chikken”. Situated in Gomti Nagar, Chowk and Aminabad, the lip smacking chicken of Tunde Kebab is an Indian Food dish that no non-vegetarian would miss to add to his gustatory wishes if he visits the city.

Not just non-veggies, the city also fills the appetite for tasty vegetarian food. The hot and fresh Bombay or Mumbai Pav Bhaji and basket chat at the Royal Café served at a small hut set in Hazrat Ganj are a must to try. Sweet betel nut or meetha paan at Chaurasiya Pan Bhandar on Moti Mahal Road is best to take in the evening after having the delicious flavours from the Lucknow streets.

The popular chikken work on fabric/clothes has “Lakhnawi” (meaning coming form Lucknow in Hindi) work that is graceful, elegant and abundant at the Aminabad market making it one of the ideal markets for women.

Gomti Barrage

The Gomti Barrage connects two distant parts of the city, Gomtinagar and the old Lucknow, named after the river Gomti, made on the other side of Gomti river. Gomti Nagar is a well-planned settlement developed by the (LDA) Lucknow Development Authority. The city is quite busy in the day and turns glowing by the night. The bridge provides a beautiful sight of the river Gomti with sodium lights lighting at the other end. The bridge provides for a long drive and the site is worth watching. In winters, a bike ride would be the best alternative to go for. ice-cream that is available right in the middle of the bridge is certainly an icing on the cake.

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Marine Drive

The very popular Marine drive in Mumbai has its smaller version in Lucknow. Located near the “Ambedkar Park” alongside the river Gomti, this place has a typical European touch in its architecture. The place is known for the dangerous bike stunts performed by the bikers. Evening is the perfect time to visit the place.

Bara Imambara

This engineering wonder was built by Asaf-ud-Daula, the Nawab of Lucknow in 1785. There is an exciting story behind the erection of the Imambara; it was constructed in the day by labourers and broken down at night by the noblemen for generating engagement for the massively unemployed population of the city fighting with poverty. Its structure was finally made in 1791.

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The place displays architectural brilliance. The massive hall of the main Imambara that is 50 by 16 meters and over 15 meters tall does not comprise of a single beam for supporting the construction. The main entry is clearly noticeable from the small window made at the extreme end of the building, such was the accuracy of the architect; it was a kind of CCTV camera of the Mughal period.

The mile long underground passages have now been sealed for the safety of the visitors. The Shahi Bawli, Hussainabad picture gallery and bhulbhulaiya (Labyrinth) are some of the main attractions at Imambara.

Ambedkar Park

Photo By: neiljsCC BY 2.0

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar commemorative is no lesser than the Nawabi residences in Lucknow. Extended across 3,34,300 square metre and constructed with a budget of 685 crores; this place is worth visiting. In the heart of this expansive complex, 112 feet high memorial resembling a Stupa stands, with 18 feet high Dr. Ambedkar bronze statue. The park reveals its grace at dawn and its beauty is picturesque by the night. The musical fountain, runs every evening making the place apt for summer evening visits.

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These are not the only things about the city of Nawabs. There is much more to discover and enjoy. Various other fascinating historic sites comprise of Lucknow Residency, Chota Imambara, La Martinere College building, Tomb of Saadat Ali Khan and many more.

Featured Photo by neiljs

Visit Lucknow – 5 Reasons Why?

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