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Top 5 Places To Celebrate Eid In Chennai

Chennai has a notable population of muslims and Eid is a big occasion for Chennaiites. The city offers space for people from all Indian states and from all districts within Tamil Nadu. This makes the place a collage of people from various religions and culture. Eid is one of the grand festivals celebrated in Chennai.

Eid celebrations are more centred over feasts and get-togethers. Most of the muslims avoid bursting crackers and going to movies. But nowadays there are exceptions too!

Top 5 Places To Celebrate Eid In Chennai

Marina beach

Marina beach is the first option for any happy moment. Being the longest in India and second longest in the world, marina offers ample space for enjoyment at the cheapest expense. Eid parties can be arranged in marina with families and friends. It is very evident that marina will be crowded on the day of Eid. If one wishes to avoid crowdy places, parks and malls are next on the list.

Semmozhi poonga

Though not very famous, this park is a neat and lovely place for any celebrations. A small amount is charged on entrance. The park is in Mylapore, at a serene location. Photography lovers will love the place and it is also suitable for hosting family parties. There is a pond with birds and other nature alike attractions which provide a visual treat and mind relaxation from busy life.

Anna Nagar tower park

This is one of the famous parks in Chennai with many entertainment options and sports facilities. Get together events and cultural functions are a common scene here. There are bird watching points, badminton court, skating etc. There is a large play area for kids which is more enjoyable on a festival holiday.

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It was built in 1968 and opened by then Chief Minister Annadurai. It was renovated in 2010 and named as Visveswarayya park. The tower is open for public to visit with elevator options. For those who are far away from Anna nagar, visiting this place on a festival eve would make the day special and memorable.

Adyar boat club

Adyar is one of the busiest places in Chennai with bustling vehicles and apartments. But on the other side, it offers space for sports such as rowing. Adyar is actually named after the river that runs through the city. Madras boat club is formed to encourage rowing sport and the club has been functioning for the past 150 years.

A visit to the river and boating on its waters would be a good experience and a chance to explore the hidden parts of the city. But one has to make sure about the boating events and operating time of the place before visiting. As there are various restaurants around the place offering multi cuisine, a visit to adyar boat club would be a nice holiday plan.

Kovalam beach

Kovalam beach is along the east coast road of chennai, shortly called as ECR. For those who are more used to visiting marina, kovalam beach would be a switch over. There is a small fishing hamlet surrounding the beach and the area may look more rural. But still, the view is awesome and if one gets lucky, they can see fisherman catching fish live.

By visiting the beach in the evening, beautiful view of sunset can be captured. There is a dargah nearby and hence a lot of muslim visitors flock the area during weekend and festival holidays.

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Though there are a lot of places to explore in Chennai, this is just a small list of suitable places to plan on Eid holiday. For those who think malls and movies are tiresome, natural spots such as beaches and parks would be a nicer option to visit on a holiday.

Featured Photo of ‘Marina Beach’ by DARSHAN SIMHA under CC BY 2.0

Fathima Fahmiya

Fathima is a bio medical engineer who loves to read, write and explore. Experienced as a medical coder, she is now a home-maker and mother of a toddler. Though her little one keeps her extremely occupied, she still works to share more about the beautiful shades of India.

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