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The state of Maharashtra is truly blessed with plenty of natural Waterfalls, Ghats and Hills. The monsoon season brings with it spectacular sceneries that everyone would love to enjoy, waterfall being one of the natural phenomena. Below are the top 5 must-visit waterfalls in Maharashtra which photographers, families and nature enthusiasts can enjoy.

Lingmala waterfalls

During the monsoon season, Mahabaleshwar is packed with picturesque beauty. The pleasant climate, lush green hills, and numerous waterfalls, make it a magical place during this time. Lingmala Falls is one of the famous tourist attractions in Mahabaleshwar. Just 6 km away from the main city along the Mahabaleshwar-Panchgani road, the falls offer a spectacular view to the visitors. At the time of rains, the gushing white milky water falls down 600 feet making it a beautiful sight that one should not miss. Thus, the Lingmala Waterfalls is a true form of natural beauty surrounded by lush greenery. The falls are visited by a large number of localites and tourists every year. Located amidst natural beauty, the place is a favorite spot for nature lovers, photographers, and spiritual seekers. It also serves as a beautiful picnic spot with family and friends because of its blissful location. July to December is the best time to visit Lingmala falls because of the crystal clear water. Please note that visitors are not allowed to bathe in this waterfall.

lingmala waterfall photoFeatured Photo by wildxplorer

Zenith Waterfall

Zenith waterfall is a 40 min walk from the Khopoli Railway Station which is 80km away from Mumbai city. It’s a popular destination during monsoon because of its close proximity from Mumbai and Pune. The waterfalls come alive during rains and becomes the favorite place for a trek on the surrounding hills. The place is generally packed with picnic travelers and is a bit crowded during weekends. To reach the falls, one has to walk through the woods and wade through the shallow stream. It is advisable to wear floaters or sandals as the water is knee deep. Zenith Waterfall is 30 feet is depth with the ice cold water gushing down. The rocks are slippery so a bit of caution is a must. Once the monsoon is over, visitors can enjoy rock climbing and rappelling here.

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zenith waterfall photoFeatured Photo by adityapatawari

Vajrai Waterfall

During the rainy season, the entire region near the waterfall becomes green. The fame of waterfall has ultimately increased the value of the Bhambavali Village and tourism has become a key business for the villagers. A large number of people from across the world visit the waterfall, especially during monsoons. The place is completely packed with amazing natural beauty along with a soothing climate. Vajrai Waterfalls also offer other attractions like fascinating caves and boating. Thus, this waterfall is a hub of wildlife, natural beauty, and some old holy places. One should definitely visit this place to experience the serenity and true heaven. Bathing is strictly prohibited here as the water under Vajrai Waterfalls is quite deep.

vajrai waterfalls photoFeatured Photo by frostedburn

 Thoseghar Waterfalls

Located 35 km from Satara, Thoseghar Waterfall is one of the tallest waterfalls in India. It comprises of numerous small waterfalls of around 20m in height. The place is a heaven for nature lovers who wish to enjoy pleasant and gentle climate especially, during the rainy season. Visitors from all over the country come and visit Thoseghar Waterfall from July to November. Calm and quiet area with a clean lake and dark woods make it one of the scenic spot in Maharashtra. A picnic area and a concrete platform offer a picturesque view of the waterfalls. Thoseghar waterfalls is a must watch place not only for Indians for also for the International travelers visiting the state.

waterfalls in maharashtra photoFeatured Photo by Yogendra174

Vihigaon Waterfalls

Also, known as Ashoka Waterfall, Vihigaon waterfall is just 12 km away from Kasara. Located deep in the woods, the waterfall is amazing and an ideal spot for rappelling. Its serene view and endless peace to offer, this amazing spot is definitely a place to visit during monsoons. The place allures people looking for captivating and exciting weekend getaways. Vihigaon waterfall is one of the hidden treasure which not many people know about, but the level of rest, peace, and purity that this place offers is beyond any comparison. Rainy season is the best time to visit this place as the waterfall gushes down in full strength and one can witness the sheer beauty of this natural wonder. The village Vihigaon is not much developed, so one must carry food and loads of munchies to enjoy the trip.

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vihigaon waterfalls photoFeatured Photo by outscribe

Feel the ecstasy at these magnificent spots that spell natural beauty and absolute calm!

PLEASE NOTE: Waterfalls can be dangerous because of landslides, rock fall, slippery surface, deep waters, etc. Please be cautious.

Top 5 Must Visit Waterfalls In Maharashtra During Monsoon

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