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India is a multi-cultural nation. You will get to see a new language, lifestyle, traditions, and values in different parts of the country. India is also known for various kinds of food that is prepared in its kitchens. Each region has its local dishes, which will create a complex fusion of tastes in your mouth. The geographical and climatic conditions make it possible to produce various kinds of fruits and vegetables. These are used to prepare delicious Indian winter cuisines.

Yes! You heard it right. There are special dishes, which are specially prepared during the winters. One reason behind this is the availability of Indian winter vegetables. The other reason is these foods make the body warm from within, allowing it to fight the cold winters. These traditional mouthwatering winter foods have found their place on the plates of international tourists as well, who visit India during winter months to get the taste of these dishes.

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Photo by Sonia Goyal Jaipur

Gajar ka Halwa or Carrot Pudding

If you visit the northern states during the winter months, you will get an inviting smell of pure ghee. It is an essential ingredient that is needed for making carrot pudding or Gajar ka halwa. It appears on the top of Indian winter cuisines dessert list. Every house in these areas makes this carrot pudding during the winter season. Carrots appear in the Indian winter vegetables list.

The sweet and soft carrots are grated and then cooked in pure ghee. If you have a sweet tooth, then it is a dish that you must try. Cashews, almonds, and pistachios are also put in this pudding to enhance its taste. The presence of pure ghee and nuts make it rich in fats, which assist in fighting the cold winters.

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Sarson da saag or Mustard Leaves’ Curry

The people of north-west Indian are known for their unique cooking skills. They love non-veg and milk-based products. But this does not mean they cannot cook vegetarian Indian winter cuisines. You must be aware of mustard seeds, from which we get the popular cooking medium mustard oil. But did you know that the leaves of this tree can be used to make some mouthwatering winter foods? Any average resident of Punjab and Haryana will say that sarson da saag is the best dish for winters.

To make this curry, you need to wash and cut the leaves in fine texture. Mustard leaves also fall in Indian winter vegetables list. Making a paste of these leaves is easy. The leaves are rich sources of protein and iron. Once the dough is ready, it is cooked in pure ghee, along with other condiments. It is mainly eaten with roti made from makkai.

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Photo by Sonia Goyal Jaipur

Spiced sweet potatoes: Ruling the Indian winter cuisines list

Sweet Potato is a winter vegetable that can make any dish taste delicious. One particular dish is called spiced sweet potatoes. It is mostly cooked in northern and eastern states of India. Slices of this vegetable are marinated in spices and left for a considerable amount of time. Once the slices soak up the juices, they are roasted, imparting it a unique taste that makes it one of the best dish for winters. Your body will get vitamins and necessary fibers from this vegetable.

Gaund ke laddo

Though it is eaten as a sweet dish, it is also specially made during the cold months. The main ingredient is Gaunde. The glue is acquired from the stems of a special tree. It only flourishes in the winter season. The resin breaks down in the stomach and produces a lot of heat. As it is prepared in pure ghee, the heat production is increased significantly. This trait has made it one of the popular Indian winter cuisines. It is accompanied by warm milk.

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Photo by elyaqim

Rogan ghosht or Kashmiri Mutton Curry

Mutton is also known for its heating qualities. Rogan ghosht is a traditional Kashmiri dish that included tender mutton cooked with various kinds of nuts and dry fruits. They use special chilies, which increase the heat in this dish. It is considered as the best dish for winters as eating it generates heat within the body. Thus, it has cemented its places in the list of Indian winter cuisines.

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