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Kolkata is a city that best exudes the food sentiments of the individuals residing in it. On the other hand, the Winter Delicacies Kolkata should be your ideal choice if you want to satiate your taste buds. Kolkata is one of those Indian cities that is a dream come true for every food lovers. You can find a lot of food items at affordable rates that are hard to find in any other cities. On the contrary, the Winter Delicacies Kolkata is one of the ideal ways to makes sure that you can get the best out of seasonal culinary delights.

Moreover, the Winter Delicacies Kolkata has made winter to offer a lot to you. Winter is also a season that makes you craving for food like never before. Our metabolism rate increases a lot in chilly winter, and for some, the best way to beat the chill is by consuming affordable Winter Delicacies Kolkata. You can also find the Winter Delicacies Kolkata in roadside stalls too.

The top winter delicacies Kolkata to eat this season

Kolkata is not only known as the land of sweets but is also referred to as a city that can appeal to the taste buds of food lovers. The utmost pleasure of relishing the Winter Delicacies Kolkata in the warmth of the sun and amidst the cacophony of food vendors is something one should not miss. Here is the list of top culinary winter delights in Kolkata.

Winter Delicacies KolkataPhoto by .::RMT::.

    1. Momos

    Momos enjoy a long history of existence in the City of Joy. It is one of that Winter Delicacies Kolkata that is loved by a lot of food enthusiasts. The aroma of the steamy hot Momos is enough to fill your senses with yumminess. It is also important to note that momos are an ideal food item that can not only replenish your taste buds but also makes sure that your stomach is full. On the other hand, tandoori momos stuffed with exotic vegetables or yummy chicken should be your priority if you are passionate about food. The spicy chutney served along with these momos is also great to keep the winter chill at bay. Moreover, there are a lot of momo shops available in qualified outlets and by a roadside.

  1. Mince Pies

    It is one of that Winter Delicacies Kolkata that is available in the old bakery of Jews situated in Kolkata. Moreover, this winter delicacy is available at discounted rates that further catapult its popularity. Quite interestingly, mince pies comprises of butter tart shells. These butter-laden mince pies would form your best snack in the chilly evenings. On the other hand, a lot of mince pies are also available in variants of raisins soaked in rum and apples. A lot of mince pies are too styled up with spices that make them ideal Winter Delicacies Kolkata that can beat the chill. You can also afford an entire collection of the various types of mince pies available in this store.

Winter Delicacies KolkataPhoto by Deborah Main

    1. Plum Cake

    A winter in Kolkata is the best time to gear up for Christmas. Hence, you can find a lot of plum cakes here and there and also in specialized stores. The famous plum cakes that are available in Kolkata comprises of crammed nuts like raisin, cashew, black currants and walnuts. Quite interestingly, they are also soaked in the concoction of brandy, rum, and whiskey. They are dripped in these liquors for more than six months and hence exude practicality and taste. You can buy these plum cakes for your family members and friends too.

  1. Meat

  1. In this cold, you can store your home with freshly manufactured Ham, Sausages, and Salami. It is one of the oldest Winter Delicacies Kolkata, and you can find them in a plenty of stores. On the other side, there are other stores in Kolkata where you can avail spicy Portuguese spicy cured meat items. One can also indulge in Irani sausages. In other words, it can be said that winter evenings are not complete without this type of snack.

Featured Photo by jennalex

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