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The people of Kolkata are big foodies. They are ready to try new dishes all year round. It is due to this reason that so many restaurants are doing well in this city. There are Mughal, Chinese, Thai, Malaysian, Punjabi, North Indian restaurants, which are tingling the taste buds of residents of Kolkata. Apart from regional restaurants from all parts of India, you will also find food joints, which specialize in international cuisines. If you love food from “land of the rising sun” then walk into any Japanese restaurants Kolkata, and enjoy a good meal

Popularity of Japanese restaurants Kolkata

Kolkata has been inhabited by people from all parts of the world. There is a sizeable percentage of Japanese citizens as well. It is their presence that started the trend of authentic Japanese food in Kolkata. Some of the early Japanese settlers opened these restaurants to satisfy the demands of fellow Japanese. Once the food lovers of Kolkata found it out, they started queuing up in front of these joints. Since then, the number of restaurants, serving authentic Japanese food in Kolkata has grown significantly.

In the recent times, the demand for Japanese dishes has increased owing to the low cost of Japanese food. If you desire to enjoy Japanese food in Kolkata in style, then you must walk into any of the fancy food joints. Some of these Japanese restaurants Kolkata serve dishes from other countries while some stick to being truly authentic Japanese food in Kolkata.

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Wasabee at Kalikapur

If you want to enjoy Japanese food in Kolkata, then make your way to Wasabee. It is located in the bustling area of Kalokapur. Though it is not at the center of Kolkata, it has a loyal fan base. Apart from Japanese cuisines, you will also get Chinese and some common continental dishes. If you have any particular Japanese dish on the mind, you will find it on the menu card. Be prepared to shell out some big bucks as the cost of Japanese food here is very high. It will charge you around Rs. 1500 for two people.

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The Sushi Oke at Park Street

This restaurant is located near the back gate of St. Xaviers College and has been catering to the needs Japanese food lovers of Kolkata for long. It opened around 20 years ago and was a popular hangout for the Xavarians. Now, the restaurant has got a makeover, but they are still popular for serving authentic Japanese dishes. When making a list of good Japanese restaurants Kolkata, which serve food at affordable rates, then it will have a spot for sure. If you want to dig your teeth in some delicious Sushi, then it is the right food joint. Due to a hike in raw materials, the cost of Japanese food has shot up significantly in the recent times.

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Fuji at Kalighat

The Lake Market area is famous for many restaurants. One particular restaurant has come into the limelight in the recent times, and it is The Fuji. If you love authentic Japanese food, then this is the right place for you. Though the price point is high, it is often crowded with people who have a soft spot for Japanese dishes. The quality of food is good, and the décor will give you a feeling of being in a restaurant in Japan.

Mamagoto at Park Street

Park Street has numerous restaurants. No matter what your taste is, you will find the right place to eat. If you are looking for competent Japanese restaurants Kolkata, you must visit Mamagoto once. Starting from the interiors to the dishes, everything has a Japanese influence. They also serve Chinese food, but they are known for best dishing out best Japanese food in this area.

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Top 4 Japanese Restaurants Kolkata For All Food Lovers

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