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Tamil Nadu is a state of cultural elegance and beautiful landscapes. This place has all types of tourist attractions ranging from beaches to hill stations. The literary works of ancient Tamil classifies landscapes into five. They are mountains, forests, farms, sea-shores and deserts. Tamil Nadu has all these five regions with their own culture and ethnicity. Considering the hilly regions, Tamil Nadu hosts a set of mountain and forest regions belonging to both Eastern Ghats as well as Western Ghats. This includes forests within and rare species of flora and fauna.

As the summer reaches its peak during April and May, people from all over the state flock to hill stations at high altitudes to escape from the burning temperature in the mainland. Such hill stations of Tamil Nadu are also a favourite spot for most of the newly wed couples, as they tick one from this list for a memorable honeymoon trip. Now, let’s list out the top 3 hill stations of Tamil Nadu.


Ooty proudly bears the title – Queen of hill stations. Also called as Udagamamdalam or Udhagai, this hill station is the capital of Nilgiri district, Tamil Nadu. Nearest major city is Coimbatore at a distance of around 86 kilo-meters.

Ooty is the first choice of tourists when planning for a cool trip in Tamil Nadu. Amidst mountains and valleys, this place is a visual treat for everyone. The Nilgiri hills gets adorned with a rare species of bright purple coloured flora called “Kurinji” which blooms once in 12 years. Hence the hills got its name – Nil means blue and giri means mountain.

Ooty is famous for botanical garden, where severe species of colourful flower plants are grown. This place is one of the major attractions of Ooty. The peak of Doddabetta is the highest point which can be reached by tourists. Another popular destination is the Pykara lake which offers a pleasant boat ride. Ooty hosts Mudumalai tiger reserve and Mukurthi national park.

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After the Queen, comes the princess! Yes, Kodaikanal is known as the “Princess of hill stations”. It comes under the control of Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. This beautiful town is located on top of the Palani hills of Western Ghats. It is well surrounded by thick forests.

Kodaikanal is home to several species of flora especially Cypress and Eucalyptus. The Bryant park at Kodaikanal preserves several flowering plants which add bright colours to this town during flowering season. Other attractions include Dolphin’s nose, Guna caves and solar observatory.

The Kodaikanal lake is a man made lake from which water flows down at silver cascade water falls. Tourists enjoy a boat ride at the lake, and the waterfall below offers a spectacular sight.


Yercaud is a hill station located at around 1620 meters above the sea level. This popular tourist destination proudly bears the name – Jewel of the south. Nearest city is Salem which is about 28 kilo-meters away. The name Yercaud means “forest with lakes”. Justifying the name, this hill station hosts beautiful lakes and boating is a major tourist activity. Cool weather and colourful surroundings attract people from all over the country.

Major agricultural activities include coffee cultivation and various fruits. This town was developed well during 19th century by the British. The residents of this town engage in tourism related trade and farming.

Nature offers its best and it is the responsibility of mankind to preserve it. When hill stations get crowded during summer, pollution is inevitable. It is extremely important to create awareness and take strict measures against pollution. Industrial pollution is extremely unbearable as the ecosystem around all these hills deserve high protection. Enjoy the weather and beauty of these hills, along with a resolution to protect nature.

Top 3 Hill Stations Of Tamil Nadu

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