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Tonique – Asia’s Largest Liquor Store In Bengaluru

Tonique”, the phenomenal liquor brand of India, had been conquering the city of Hyderabad since 2017. Last year in 2019, the liquor giant ventured into a historic leap in inaugurating Asia’s largest liquor store in Bengaluru.

Anith Reddy, a Hyderabad based entrepreneur and the proud owner of Tonique, had a dream of educating people on the ease and safety of purchasing alcohol. With this objective in mind, he and his team set up the liquor boutique in Bengaluru hosting about 1000 labels of wine and almost 50 labels of beer and single malt whiskey.

The Survey and Research

The team of Tonique had conducted an extensive survey and research throughout the city of Bengaluru to understand the mindset and knowledge of different kinds of individuals. They interviewed students, professionals in different industries, doctors and medical practitioners, educationists and many more to record their thoughts and need for a good liquor shop or facilities within the city. The survey also included the preferred brands of individuals.

The Liquor Store

Spread across an area of 30,000 square feet, the building was originally occupied by Jewels De Paragon. Located at the intersection corner of MG Road and the Chinnaswamy stadium, it is one of the iconic landmarks of Bengaluru. The building was originally a 2-storeyed one which further expanded to a 4-storeyed building under the supervision and futuristic vision of Anith Reddy.

The interiors of the building are embellished by fine wooden floors, mild lighting for a perfect serene mood and aroma oil diffusers to create an enchanting atmosphere. One of the floors is specially dedicated to wines where one can swing into a delightful feeling among the numerous brands and flavours. Innumerable labels of wine, champagne, beer, whiskey from different countries like India, Australia, France, New Zealand, Japan, Italy and many others fill up the racks in all the floors. You will seldom experience the dearth of any brands within the boutique.

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The ground floor is also one of the happening places in the entire building. You will be greeted with a spread of about 300 varieties of spirits from India and abroad. Whiskey, gin, vodka, cognac and beer are stocked up in huge quantities, leaving none disappointed. Almost 30 different types of champagnes and 55 brands of whiskies can be found at this huge liquor retail shop.

The manager and the staff are appropriately trained, possessing an educational qualification in hotel management. They have adequate knowledge about liquor and the history behind each of them. The customers are conveniently guided by the staff across the floors and the different counters and racks to locate their choicest drinks.

Unique Experience at the Liquor Boutique

Special efforts have been made to provide a unique feeling to the wine lovers and liquor admirers inside the boutique. Scanning through the racks and purchasing are basically monotonous activities. But housing wine tasting events and interactions with expert brewmasters, create a different experience for the buyers. Even trained sommeliers are present at the shop to guide you in selecting the correct brand for the perfect experience with family and friends.

The Other Attractions at the Shop

Along with its huge collection of liquor varieties, the shop offers a bakery section at one of its floors. You can enjoy buying some wine chocolates, delicious bakery eats, and cheese products. These team up with your choicest drink to create a perfect intoxicating feeling.

The shop closes at 10:30 PM at night and is well connected with different parts of the city. You can hire a cab, drive your vehicle or board the public and private buses to reach the majestic liquor parlour. The people of Bengaluru have now been gifted with an ideal place to spend their happy hours both during weekdays and weekends. They can now enjoy their favourite brands and flavours within a single campus.

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The building is charmingly attractive with its grandeur and elegancy. Its beauty further enhances at night as the lights create a sparkling effect around it.  Wine lovers and liquor admirers of the city are allured to indulge into its wide array of vintage collection of liquors. Not only you quench your drink desire with the best of liquor brands, but you are also equipped with the intricacies of selecting the right one as per the weather, season, the mood and the taste.

Featured Photo of ‘Liquor, 1AM.’ by Kurt Bauschardt under CC BY-SA 2.0


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