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Exploring Kolkata in the morning can actually be a very beautiful and mesmerizing experience. It can be a cool walk near the Victoria garden, a long drive on the Howrah bridge or sitting by the hoogly river that flows near the Dakhineshwar Temple, trust me you will definitely take some fond memories back home. But today I am not going to get into where to go in Kolkata at 6.00 A.M in the morning, but will take you to this unique place for some steaming hot breakfast. No No! It’s not puri sabzi and jalebi, but this time it’s Momos! Come with me to the Tiretti Bazar In Kolkata and lets together try some refreshing, outstanding, and most important authentic homemade Chinese food.

Tiretti Bazar : Head In Straight For A Daybreak With Some Delicious Dumplings

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Tiretti Bazar is located near the Poddar Court in Kolkata. Guess what is unique about this place, Well it might look like little china to you. Yes this place is full of Chinese migrants who sell some delicious home-made Chinese breakfast on the street side. Tiretti Bazaar is an extremely popular place and all the fame it has gathered is for it delectable Chinese Breakfasts. There are juicy momos, fish ball soup, pao buns and pork dumplings and all served fresh out of the steaming pots. While the city of Joy is about to click into the rhythm of a new day, this place is up and happening.

Tiretti Bazar: A Simply Wow Way To Start A Day

Simple way to start your day, truly visiting this place for real will actually tell you what I exactly mean. Thinking who eats Non-veg early in the morning, if you see the amount of people visiting this place you will understand how much they love it. And who won’t like that outstanding hot and refreshing homemade Chinese food on a beautiful morning. The food here is cheap and won’t be a problem for your pocket; approximately a meal for 2 people would cost you around 60 rupees onwards. But this is for breakfast only. Well for most of us breakfast means 8.00 A.M but here it ends exactly at 8.00 A.M. The Tiretti Bazar opens as early as 5.30 a.m., and everything here is finished by 8.00 A.M, Mind It That’s Maximum. Guess what if your luck is bad enough it can even get over by 7.30 A.M.

A Glimpse Of The Market: Let’s Look A Little More Beyond

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Let’s take a look at this market, well a little more beyond we regularly see. This market is just like the other flower and vegetable market in Kolkata. Lanes and lanes where you can walk around, you would see men with their thaila and women with their purses trying to get the best deal out of that vegetable vendor early in the morning. But! Just wait walking a bit more ahead this regular market you would suddenly see these very large aluminium vessels. These vessels actually stand out amidst the normal market set up. Well they aren’t kept for sale there, but there are people who man it. People who look a bit more different than the regular crowd, I am talking about the Chinese immigrants. These Chinese people have been a part of Kolkata for over decades. At the Tiretti Bazar they sell some scrumptious home-made authentic chinese food early in the morning. They take up some odd jobs during the day time. These people typically speak languages like mandarin, Hindi, Bengali and of course very good English.

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Kolkata: China Town

Calcutta has a very special connection with Chinese isn’t it? The distinct flavours found here talks for it. And where do you think Kolkata derives these distinct flavours? Well its from its varied population. The Chinese community in the city has been an integral part of this cosmopolitan nature. And the Chinese cuisine is today a mainstay of Kolkata’s palate. In Kolkata there are two Chinatowns one is the Old Chinatown and the other is the new china town. Tiretta Bazaar is part of the old Chinatown while Tangra which is more famous is the new Chinatown.

The Ultimate Breakfast Experience

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In order to get the maximum available choice in terms of menu, make sure you reach as early as possible. The market starts at around 5.30 A.M and by 7.30 A.M all good items are sold out. Also if you visit on Sunday, you will possibly get to taste their best menu.

I said Momo’s but other than this staple you will get some of the most delicious Chinese dishes here. Tai paos, shu mei, fried dough balls, chicken & pork balls in soup, and the all-time favourite spring rolls. There is huge variety of pork dishes available here which is quite uncommon. Normally in Kolkata you would not find localities selling pork dishes particularly. So get ready to try some of the most delicious fried and steamed momos typically served with their signature fiery hot sauce. Well nothing can stop you from being over fed here and trust me it will be all the worth at the end. I would say it again, the food here is totally delectable and is a must try.

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Visiting this place is surely going to be a fascinating experience. What can beat this early morning experience, make sure you visit with your family or friends and exchange some gossips and smiles over plates of warm food.

Go Ingredient shopping At Tiretti Bazar

While some people sell freshly cooked food. There are vendors who sell ingredients too. Ingredients like home-made fresh sausages, crabs jostl, chinese raw veggies (Pokchoy, Chinese spinach), chinese prawn chips, rice noodles, shiitake mushrooms, condiments, seasonings, canned ingredients and sauces every possible thing you must be thinking of. And the best part is that everything sold here too reasonably priced.

Sadly, the numbers of Chinese vendors at the Tiretti bazar are reducing every year. Guess this is because their upcoming generation is taking up other professions. So, before this bazar disappears get a taste of it. This unique food might actually soon get vanished from the streets of Kolkata.

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