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Shopping in Delhi in itself is a mind blowing experience isn’t it? Well last time I went to Delhi, the first thing I had in my agenda was to SHOP in some of the most popular bazaars in Delhi. When we talk about old Delhi bazaars then the 1st name that instantly strikes our mind is Chandni Chowk. But apart from Chandini Chowk there are some more extremely popular market places in Delhi. These markets are age-old and also considered to be a shopping paradise for all those who love shopping. So shopaholics make sure you carry enough bags to load the stuffs you buy in these Delhi Bazaars. So get ready to Shop Till You Flop.

Best Places To Shop In Delhi

Please allow me to take you through some of the interesting bazaars for shopping in Delhi.

Khari Baoli Delhi photoPhoto by varunshiv

1. Khari Baoli

Located just behind the Fatehpuri Masjid is Khari Baoli, the largest market for spices you would have ever seen. In fact, his place is the largest spice market in the world, not this is interesting isn’t it? If you take a walk around through the aromatic lanes of the Khari Baoli then you would see piles of spices which are very neatly lined up in the shops, there. Huge sacks are kept outside tge shops which are totally overloaded with whole red chillies. If you are looking for Indian spices, you would find them all right here. Starting from the cheapest one to the costly spices like saffron, Khari Baoli has it all. Well locating this market isn’t a tough job, but in case you feel lost just follow your nose.

Dariba Kalan Delhi photoPhoto by varunshiv

2. Dariba Kalan

Dariba Kalan is also known as the Silver lane; it is located very near to the Red Fort. This lane is surely a paradise for all those who love silver jewellery. Each and every shop here in this lane sells silver items, be it silver utensils, idols or jewellery you get it all right here at Dariba Kalan. Don’t get deceived by the size of the shop, it may look small but it’s a treasure for silver items. Apart from silver, you can also get precious stones, semi-precious stones and pearls here. The best part about this market is that the stuff that you get here is dead cheap, so ditch the showrooms and rush in to the silver lane of Delhi. To add more to the silver lane, is the ‘Gulab Singh Johri Mal Shop’ which is extremely popular for handmade perfumes.

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Meena Bazaar Delhi photoPhoto by InfoMofo

3. Meena Bazaar

Meena Bazaar is one of those old Bazaars in Delhi you would have surely heard of, but did you really get a chance to explore it? Well for all those who haven’t been there, this is an extremely popular bazaar located between the Jama Masjid and the Red Fort. This bazaar originates from the Mughal era. Meena Bazaar is a popular market in Delhi, be it textiles or garments you get it all here. At this bazaar you get mall-like colourful sarees and dresses in very cheap rates.

4. Nai Sarak

The Nai Sarak is a paradise for all those bookworms. This place is the right place if you are looking for brand new books. It is basically a wholesale market for mostly textbooks. One drawback is that here the traders do not entertain the retail customers too much as they look for more of bulk selling. The Nai Sarak is located opposite to the town hall in Chandni Chowk.

Bhagirath Palace Delhi photoPhoto by travelling slacker

5. Bhagirath Palace

Bhagirath Palace is a shining market for beautiful lamps & lampshades. In case you are looking ahead to renovate your house, then go to the Bhagirath Palace. This is one place which stays extremely crowded during the festival of lights, Diwali. It is surely a difficult task to shop in the huge crowds which gather here during the peak seasons.

6. Sitaram Bazaar

Located very near to the Turkman gate, which is one among the few gates of Shahjahanabad which is still surviving strong. If you are looking to buy some artificial or fashion jewellery then the Sitaram Baazar will cater to all your requirements really well. The most unique part of this Baazar is the carved jewellery made out of beads and animal bones. The kind of jewellery that you get here is just like the ones you get in jewellery boutiques or Dilli Haat. The only difference would be the way of display, here the jewellery is piled up on the grounds, so it would require some amount of effort to find what you really want. Bargaining isn’t an option here as the process are more or less fixed.

Kinari Bazaar Delhi photoPhoto by varunshiv

7. Kinari Bazaar

Kinari Bazaar is one of the most shining bazaars in Delhi. It is located at the lane that runs parallel to Chandni Chowk. If you like designing your own clothes then this is the right place to get all the nick and nash. We can even say that Kinari Bazaar is a paradise for the tailors, dress, costume and fashion designers.

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Chawri Bazaar Delhi photoPhoto by fullyreclined

8. Chor Bazaar

Almost all big cities in India have their own chor bazaar or may be some similar version of it. Guess what happens here, the thieves sell and you get to buy. Basically the thief’s sell their “Loot Ka Maal”. Located just behind the Jama Masjid, one can see loads of auto parts lying around. So of you are looking to buy some spare parts, then go straight to the Chor Bazar. You might actually land up re-buying your own stolen stuff.

Chawri Bazaar Delhi photoPhoto by Rambling Eye

9. Chawri Bazaar

Is your wedding planned soon? Are you looking for designer invitation wedding cards? Then head straight to the Chawri Bazaar. Chawri Bazaar is known for its lanes full of shops selling wedding cards. Well this market is basically a wholesale market, bit they entertain retail customers too. During wedding seasons, this market is flooded with customers all around debating with the vendors on the designs and colours of the cards. Apart from wedding card there is something more that can attract you in this market, and that is the best stationary items. Yes, these stationery items are available at really affordable prices.

10. Ballimaran

This is an ironic bazaar that has end number of leather shoes options. Shoe sellers line their shops on both the sides of the road. Well apart from shoes one can also find spectacles here. The Ballimaran market is located very close to the Fatehpuri Masjid.

I hope this write up gives you an insight to what these old bazars are all about. Apart from these there are many small and bazaars around Chandni Chowk. If you have explored any other then please do share with us. By the way! Which one of these Bazaar are you heading straight to?

Featured Photo by der.foulder

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