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Declared as a National Park in the year 1968, the Bandhavgarh National Park is one of the most massively popular national parks in our country India. This national park almost gurantees you a tiger sighting, it is situated on the Vindhya Hills which falls in the Umaria district, Madhya Pradesh. The Bandhavgarh National Park consists of a variety of species of animals, which includes Tigers, Langurs, Indian bison and many more such wildlife species. 

Bandhav Garh Connotes “Brother’s Fort”

Bandhav Garh in Sanskrit actually connotes “Brother’s Fort. This name is said to be given by Lord Ram to his younger brother Lakshman to keep a watch on Lanka.

Increasing Number of Tigers @ Bandhavgarh

Over the past few years, the count of tigers at this national park has shown a great increase and this is one reason why the tiger tours @ Bandhavgarh are so renowned with the tourist. Large number of tourist visit Bandhavgarh for tiger sighting as this place almost guarantees the tourist to see tigers for real.

Reasons That Make Tiger Sighting Definite At Bandhavgarh

Bamboo forests and the widely spread plains

The type of vegetation plays a very important role for the tiger sighting at this national park, the bamboo forests and the widely spread plains makes it much easier to spot a tiger here as compared to the other national parks in India, Kaziranga and Corbett. During the summers it becomes even more easier to watch distant animals, this is because of the dryness in trees. The leaves of the trees fall off and also the bushes around disappears which makes it much easier to spot animals from a distance too.

Summers is the best time to visit

The season plays a very important role in Tiger Sighting and the right season can actually gurantee you a tiger sighting at the Bandhavgarh National Park. The jungles located in the central India are quite popular for the summer heat and superior visibility. Tigers love summers, they also love water and routinely like to cool off themselves. Summer season stays at its peak during the month of April to June, so the best time to visit this national park is from mid of April to June when the Sun showers off its highest heat. Because of the heat the tigers become very thirsty, and this is one reason for them to come out in the lakes, open ponds and other water bodies to quench their thirst.

Nau Tapa: The nine hottest days of the season

Nau Tapa which means the nine hottest days of the season – this is a period which is very popular among the local people and also the guides. However Nau Tapa is not associated with any scientific meaning, but it is followed by the local people. During the Nau Tapa all the major travels and outside work stay on an OFF mode.

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Tala Zone- Right area for Tiger sighting

As I discussed earlier that during the summers one can have maximum chances to see tiger at Bandhavgrah. There is one such point at this national park known as Tala zone where tiger sighting is far better than the other zones of the Bandhavgarh National Park. What makes Tala Zone a superior zone is its location and surroundings, amidst hills of sand-stone Tala Zone has a very good number of active water sources which retains water for longer duration. Tala Zone stays very cool during day time and is one reason why it attracts tigers too further giving the tourist a much better tiger sighting experience than any other tourist zones.

Growing population of Tigers

This a very good reason that makes tiger sighting even more assured at this national park. The growing population of tigers is happening in almost all the National Parks across India, well the credit unquestionably goes to the Save the Tiger campaign. But when we talk about the Bandhavgarh National Pak then the numbers are highest when compared to other national parks. Currently the park is spread over an area of around 437 square kilometres. Since the area is limited, this is one major reason which is contributing to the growing population of tigers in this national park.

Chitals- Tigers’ main prey

At Bandhavgrah National Park, plenty of food is easily available for the tigers. The main prey of the tigers is the Chitals, however occasionally they also target the Deer’s and the Sambhars. When it comes to Chitals, then Badhavgarh has them in great numbers which assures the tigers with plenty of food and they do not prefer leaving this area for food. This is another very important reason that makes tiger sighting very prominent at Bandhavgarh.

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So if you love wildlife and looking forward to see a tiger in some real action; then no other place in India which can actually guarantee you Tiger Sighting. So hit Bandhavgarh and visit this beautiful paradise in India.

Featured Photo by Julie’s hounds

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Tiger Sighting @ Bandhavgarh

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