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Rishikesh is the ideal destination for the adventure enthusiasts could have fun and enjoy the thrill there. You could find the wide range of adventure sports activities that are available in the Rishikesh that are mostly recognised to be the adventure capital of India. Starting from the river rafting till the bungee jumping, travellers can delight in the several of thrilling fun activities of their choice. We have brought here for you to enjoy in the best thrilling adventure activities in Rishikesh that need not miss out when you travel to there.

River Rafting

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With no doubt, river rafting stands to be one among the most famous thrilling adventures activities in Rishikesh. This water sport attracts thousands of the tourist who come for all around the places every time. You will truly have the best time while raft down the Ganga River the thrilling experience miss not be missed out. You would be rafting among the rocky mountains, pleasing all the sparkle of the green environs as well as revel in as the water strikes your face, sometimes your heart beat will pump of as move forward towards the gushing water of Ganga River in Rishikesh.

You can enjoy this adventures activity during the month of September till June all the year. All through these months, the water in the Ganga River is ideal for rafting; it is neither be too wild nor completely calm. You would have many rafting operators who organize this activity for people. People could also choose for riverside camping together with rafting.


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Camping is the well-famed activity that is perfect for all those who desire to stay near to the Mother Nature. Rishikesh is one among the best famous camping zones in India. Those who delight in these activities are called as the campers. This is the basic activity which could be enjoyed by people of all the age group. Camping includes staying at the tent by the wild areas.

Nowadays there are more modern camps that are available that come through the modern amenities. Certain famous riverside camping destinations include Kaudiyala, Shivpuri, Byasi and Brahmpuri. Camping is one among the best way to offer the chance to discover the lives of the locals from the closest villages and explore new things.

This outdoor entertaining action is frequently enjoyed when taking part in adventure activities such as trekking, mountaineering, wildlife safari, and also river rafting.

 Cliff Jumping

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Cliff jumping is one among the best activities that all the people require to be physically strong since it includes jumping from the high cliff towards the freezing water of River Ganga. Even though the activity is comprised of jumping from the cliff of about 30-40 feet high cliff, but then again the person who is involving in the activity can choose the height from where they need to jump as per their strength. The thrill of jumping from the cliff as well as taking a dive at the chilled water of Ganga River would be truly a memorable one in your lifetime. While in Rishikesh you could not miss out to indulge in these exciting activities.

Professional instructors would always be with you once after you climb up the rock in addition to while you reach the jumping platform. The helmet along with the life jacket would be provided in order to make sure your safety. Once after you reach the jumping platform you would start feeling that of air thrill. And then once you jump off from the cliff then the raft would wait by the banks of the river.

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The well-celebrated water sport, Kayaking has numerous diverse styles such as the white water kayaking, surf kayaking and sea kayaking. Rishikesh has many things to offer in while it comes to the Kayaking since it has numerous of chances for kayakers. Ganga River is the dominant river which flows at the big volume.

Even though this activity is very new to the area, it has grown fame over time and it is growing expressively. When treating in this event, the explorer would be using a kayak for paddling crossways the waterway. Since kayaking could be enjoyed at diverse styles forms, people could select the style based on their preferences.

The adventure of kayaking is improved while done by the white water river. Kayaking carries in its peculiar dares that create you take back the outstanding experience. Kayaking is the system of canoeing, in addition, to be also reflected the natural extension of the river rafting.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping is one among the best challenging thrilling adventure activities in Rishikesh. This activity is the ideal choice for the adventure enthusiasts who live their life without any fear. At the time of this activity, the person is well connected to the wire which dives from the altitude of almost 220 to 273 ft. While releasing the wire will take the person down towards the river level and then finally goes back upwards. The speediness of rushing down gradually rushes up to a speed of 160 km ph. This activity creates you the thrilling adventures experience as you will fall at such a high speed. This one is truly one of the best things to do in the Rishikesh destination.


Age: The age of the person should be minimum 12 year

Weight: The person should be of minimum of 40 kg and at the maximum of 110 kg


 Swing is the famous thrilling adventurous activity which comprises of jumping from the bungee platform that comes through a seat as well as chest harness which id further linked to a fixed wire roles.

Even though the activity might appear a bit scary for the first time however the complete experience of the swing is a breathtaking one. This activity can be experienced by a single person other or two people at a time. The person would be set in the seat as well as a harness that are well connected to the fixed wire ropes. When a jump for the platform where the rope easily swings the person similar to that of a pendulum. The complete experience of that swing is terrifying. Once after the activity is finished the jumpers are little lowered down towards the drop zone in the river.


Age: The age of the person should be minimum 12 year

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Weight: The person should be of minimum of 30 kg and at the maximum of 120 kg

 Flying Fox

 All have the desire to fly high in the sky similar to that of a free bird. Flying fox is one among the thrilling adventure activities that make everyone fly high in the sky. The activity could be experienced out by two people at a single time. The flying fox could also be enjoyed by a single person. The excellent amalgam of a thrill as well as adventure, Flying Fox should be always on the must on your list when you are trying out an adventurous activity in Rishikesh.

By this activity, the hard wire is fixed from the one of the end of the valley to the other end. It is a kilometre long, this wire holds the large apparatus fixed to it. People experiencing the activities are attached to this apparatus that is released towards gravity running by the wire from that of the height of 120 mats. This would further aids to achieve the speed of 160 kmph. You would be moving by way of the air at such a great speed which you can feel your heart throbbing.


Age: The age of the person should be minimum 12 year

Weight: The person should be of minimum of 20 kg and at the maximum of 130 kg


Rappelling is the thrilling sports where the person will go downhill the terrains from the height. While in Rishikesh, one actually should not miss plunging at this adventure sports. Professional instructors, as well as advanced gear, will aid you the finish this entire activity. Harnesses, ropes, Gloves in addition to the helmet are offered at the time of experiencing this activity. You would be often supervised by the eye of experts who will make sure of your safety. This adventure is secure and is backed by tonnes of fun that assures you the experience of your lifetime.

You will have numerous ways in people will have fun with this activity. The best and common fun that are often tried by others is the one among which you require to stand parallel toward the ground with the legs facing towards the steep cliff. By the way, people could to delight the incredible views of the environs.

Mountain Biking

This adventure is for people who desire to ride by means of the challenges at the same time test their abilities. Mountain biking is one among the best famous thrilling adventure activities in Rishikesh that includes riding bicycles through the rough terrains by way of mountain bikes.

It creates the adventurer paddle through picturesque ideal environs, tough terrains and what more that is nothing less than that of an amazing experience.

For this one of the Kind experience, one should require a great stamina, focus, endurance, balance and the most important is bike handling skills. Whenever you paddle through the snaky roads, you can delight in the sights of those lavish green fields as well as local villages. It is one among the excellent activities where you could discover the wonders of Mather Nature in the perfect manner.

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Enjoy In The Thrilling Adventure Activities In Rishikesh

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