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8 Things You Should Definitely Do While You Are In Digha

Digha is the biggest hit for a weekend trip for the citizens of West Bengal and more importantly the people of Kolkata. When you come to Kolkata just randomly ask people have they ever been to Digha? I can guarantee you that 7/10 people would say a yes. It is said that that almost every Calcuttian has taken a trip to Digha at least 4 times during their entire life. There are many reasons so as to why Digha is a big hit among the people of Kolkata. The first reason is that Digha is very economical; when you reach Digha you will find that there are hundreds of hotels there; they range from the lowest possible one to the highest possible one; if you even choose a mediocre guesthouse; the place should not cost you more than Rs.1000.

The second reason why it is a big hit is because of the conveyance; you would have no problem in reaching Digha. There are numerous number of busses and trains which go to Digha daily; as a matter of fact there are a few trains like Digha Express; which are especially made for this weekend trip. Everybody leaves early morning on a Saturday so that people reach there by 11; and then after checking into their lodge or hotel they go for the beach. There are numerous other reasons why Digha is so much fun; in this article, we would talk about them and I will tell you 7 things you should definitely do while you are in Digha.

8 Things You Should Definitely Do While You Are In Digha

1. Spend your time at the Beach

I do not know why but I have heard people saying that they go to Digha and don’t spend much time at the beach. The reasons they give for not spending time are that it is very crowded and some even say that they don’t like going to the beach because they get tanned. Well, I personally feel that if you are going to Digha; then you should spend as much as time you can at the beach. I agree that the beach gets extremely crowded as the day passes by but as long as the crowd is decent, you can have a good time. Moreover, if you are going to Digha then you are bound to get tanned; if you worry about your body and face that much then you should go for a resort or something; chill your tan would go away in a week but the memories you create would be cherished by you for the rest of your life. This is the first of the 8 things you should definitely do while you are in Digha.

2. Eat Local!

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I know that some of you are very sophisticated people and do not like eating roadside but trust me when we are talking about Digha then the roadside food stalls are way better than the fancy restaurants situated in Digha. I am not stating that the restaurants are bad or

fish fry photo
Fried scad by dmitry.kaglik under CC BY-SA 2.0

something but my point is that when you are visiting some place then you should try to experience the local flavors of that particular place. Digha offers amazing, and I repeat amazing varieties of fishes. I know many of you do not like fish but show a little good faith in me and try any one of among the large variety available here; it will make you fall in love with fish. There are many road stalls available near the beach; try any of them I am sure you will love it.

3. Visit neighborhoods or go for sight seeing

The third among the seven things you should definitely do while you are in Digha is visiting neighborhoods nearby or going for sightseeing. If you are going to Digha for the first time then do visit the neighborhoods nearby; it will help you experience the raw Digha and the raw Digha is something, which will help you know this place better. Talking about sightseeing, there are many beaches in Digha like New Digha Beach (the most popular one), Shankarpur Beach, Talsari Beach and Udaipur beach; visit anyone of them I am sure you will end up having a good time. Apart from the beaches, you can visit Marine station, which is the largest inbuilt aquarium in India, and if you are a little religious then you can visit Chandaneswar Temple, which is situated at a distance of about 8 kilometers away from Digha.

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4. Local Shopping

The 4th thing to make it to list of 7 things you should definitely do while you are in Digha is local shopping. I am mentioning this point especially for the women reading this article. You have no idea, the kind of showpieces you could find for you living or drawing room. A particular showpiece, which costs about Rs. 800 in the city, would cost you Rs. 200-300 in Digha. Apart from this, there are many unique local stuff, which you could find if you do your shopping from Digha.

5. Walk around in the beach at night

When I had went to Digha, I had left on a Friday afternoon and reached there by evening the same day. After checking into the hotel, my family and I had nothing to do

fish fry photo
Digha by amritamanasphotography under CC BY-ND 2.0

so we went to the beach in the evening. You literally have no idea, how beautiful Digha’s beach looks during the night. Take a walk around the beach with your friends or family; the cold breeze would definitely make you feel relaxed. I would personally recommend to spend a little alone time at the beach; the waves making noise as they reach the shore and the cold breeze would relieve all your stress.

6. Beach Party

The 6th thing to make to the list of 7 things which you should definitely do while you are in Digha is Beach Party. I am writing this point for people who are visiting Digha with their friends. Though, Beach parties happen very rarely at Digha; and the ones which do happen take place during the time of pujas. If you are lucky enough, then do attend a beach party at one of the beaches of Digha; I can guarantee that it would once in a lifetime experience.

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fish fry photo
Seaside soon after Sunrise … by Subharnab under CC BY 2.0

7. Let Loose, but stay in your limits

If you are visiting Digha along with your friends then we all know that you are going to get a little high; there is nothing to be ashamed of because majority of the people go to Digha to have a little fun with their friends over the weekend. So, do consume alcohol but have it to get a little high and not to get drunk. If you are visiting Digha, you have one purpose in mind and that is to have fun; but will you able to have fun; if you stay drunk throughout the whole time? Moreover, everybody leaves on a Sunday morning since they need to return to their normal lives from Monday; what if you get a little sick due to all the drinking? Therefore, I would say; consume alcohol if you want to; but have it according to your limits.

These were the 8 things which you should definitely do while you are in Digha. The best part about visiting Digha is that you could have so much of fun and still have plenty of money left in your wallet, which you can choose to allocate somewhere else. Probably this is the biggest reason, why people choose going to Digha over other places to spend their weekend. There may be a few more fun things, which I missed; make sure you explore Digha! I am sure that it visiting this place will not leave you disappointed.

Featured Photo by R.Mitra aka @the.photoguy (instagram)


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