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Things To Know About Shilparamam For A Worthwhile Tour

It would not be justifiable if Hyderabad is only considered as an IT hub. After all, the city which is the hub of IT sectors is also renowned as one of the places with the best cultural attractions. And that’s how the existence of Madhapur in Hyderabad comes into the picture. Despite its prominence, only a few people know about this place in the world. So, if you’re visiting Hyderabad next time, don’t forget to pay a visit to Madhapur’s Shilparamam.  This guide will enlighten you about the significance of this place known as Shilparamam. To know more, keep reading on.

An Introduction to Shilparamam

Shilparamam’s best thing is that it happens to be the gated complex. Therefore, once you are inside this place, there would be no beggars to bother you here. But that doesn’t end the prominence of the place. In fact, it also doesn’t have any honking of cars and no smokes from the autos. According to the Shilparamam reviews, the place is one of the most peaceful ones to pay a visit to.

Things to know about Shilparamam for a worthwhile tour
Photo of ‘In conversation’ by SEN under CC BY-SA 2.0


From what you have been familiar with Shilparamam images on the web, you must be familiar that the shopping zone in the place is great. The Bidri metal work is great by Brassware from Moradabad and Bidar Karnataka.


Eateries are amazing here. So, in case you are paying a visit to this place, then you would be able to get a very nice experience of tasting mouth-watering

Get Your Sketches Done

Right at the entrance of this place, you are going to find various street artists sketching portraits. Now that street art has garnered immense prominence, you can enjoy it right here. Apart from this, you can enjoy Shilparamam boating. As a matter of fact, Shilparamam boating is popular here.


According to Shilparamam reviews, most of the evening would go just like that with the inclusion of songs, dance, and other intriguing performances. You can enjoy it in the open air amphitheater right in the center of the bazaar. In fact, you would also get a wonderful view of the artists from several Indian traditional art forms such as Carnatic music, Kuchipudi, street plays, and so on.

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Name Written on the Grain of Rice

Who wouldn’t want a minuscule beautiful craft and that you with the name being written on a rice grain? If you’re someone who wishes to see your name written on the rice grain, then you would get it all here.

Things to know about Shilparamam for a worthwhile tour
Photo of ‘Village Lifestyle – Shilparamam’ by Kinshuk Sunil under CC BY 2.0

Riding a Bullock Cart

A ride by the bullock cart would be an excellent mode of transportation while being in this particular city. Ever wondered how would that feel? If not, then a try is a must.

An Introduction to Rural Museum

From traditional artisans working to huge earthen pots, the place houses everything in between. These are used for the storage of water and grains, cattle working and people all sans stepping out of this city.

The Ever-Intriguing Night Bazaar

The night bazaar is also popular as Shilpasandhya Vedika and is currently functional in the complex. Paying a visit to this place is easy, for a lot of companies here work here. The bazaar closes after 1 in the morning. Hence, all the night birds are able to check it out.

Picture-Clicking Scenes

There’s no denying the excellence of Shilparamam images. And there’s no denying the importance of picture-clicking scenarios when you wish to look good in every photograph click right in the visited spot. In case you are fond of selfies and pictures, you can experience this greatly upon a visit to this place.

So, whether or not you wish to get hold of the wonderful experience of visiting Shilparamam, book your tickets right away and enjoy the experience accordingly.

Featured Photo of ‘Shilparamam Diorama’ by Tony Kent under CC BY-SA 2.0

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