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These Places To Visit In Srikalahasti Are Worth Exploring

It goes without a saying that when you’re intending to visit Srikalahasti, you’re taking yourself to a journey on a pilgrimage. Best referred to as the temple town, the holy town is also popular with the name Kalahasti. With vibrancy of diversifying heritage, this temple town houses a wide range of shrines. What predominates and beautifies the town to a photographer’s eyes is the serene atmosphere, making it one of the must-visit tourist spots. Kalahasti has apparently never failed amusing tourists, taking them to a whole new level of traveling. Visitors get fascinated with the lands’ architectural splendor and amazing carvings in the temples. Another prominent tag of this beautiful town is its Kalamkari paintings. It definitely boasts of pilgrim sites but that doesn’t leave its surreal landscape unnoticed and unexplored. So, what are you planning for places to visit in Srikalahasti?

1. Durgambika Temple

Durgambika temple in Srikalahasti is located at 800m right above sea level. Calling it an ancient temple that combines its beauty with eye-catching panoramic views is something worth treasuring in your travel memories. It’s right next to Kalahastiswara, located in its north side.

These places to visit in Srikalahasti are worth noticing – What to Expect
Photo of ‘Sri Kalahasti’ by Kalyan under CC BY-SA 2.0

2. Talakona Waterfalls

Besides Veyilingala Kona near Srikalahasti, Talakona Waterfalls is also another amazing destination to seek peace of mind. Also, for nature lovers, it’s an amazing tourist spot. Here, you can also spot the wild species including sambar, panther, porcupine, as well as Indian giant squirrel.

3. Bharadwaja Tirtham

In the midst of three hills, there’s the Bharadwaja Tirtham. The architectural designs give you a reason to travel here with your cameras. This place has acquired its name from Bharadwaja Maharishi to have meditated in this land some centuries ago. The place is a combination of beautiful natural look blended with a religious value!

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4. Sri Kalahasti Mandir

Unlike the Veyilingala Kona waterfall distance from the town, it’s further down. Tourists would require traveling 36 kms from Tirupati to visit this temple. According to history, the construction of this temple’s interior got completed in around ninth century, while the outer temple completed in 10th century. Popularly referred to as Kailash, the temple has its own share of significance to locals here.

5. Sahasra Linga Mandir

It’s not a mere overstatement to call Srikalahasti a land of temples. Sahasra Linga Mandir is just another example. This temple features a lovely hill offering a great backdrop. The lush green area gives your soul a captivating experience to dig deep into the nature’s treasures. The temple is located in the dense forest and is believed to purify you from the sins of life.

6. Veyilingala Kona

Veyilingala Kona near Srikalahasti is another amazing nature lover’s spot to cherish the surrounding. Acquiring from Telegu, the name of this particular waterfall means the valley of the thousand lingas. Here, you can spot linga-shaped rocks found in abundant right around the waterfalls. The Veyilingala Kona waterfall distance from Srikalahasti is 8 km away. It’s also believed that it comes with some medical properties addressing to a wide range of skin disease.

These places to visit in Srikalahasti are something worth capturing in your memories! After all, hw come a land that’s famous for three animals (Sri – spider, Kala – snake, and Hasti – elephant) attaining salvation for Lord Shiva get unnoticed? After all, mythological evidence (to however it might be denied) might have a connection to the real world. We aren’t going into that matter as of now. Just to make things apparent, visiting Srikalahasti would be amazing an affair for mythology lovers and even tourists of different cultures and traditions.

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Featured Photo of ‘Kanchipuram, Sri Ekambaranathar Temple’ by Arian Zwegers under CC BY 2.0

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