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These 5 Haryana Temples Are Must-Visit Religious Spots

There are reasons why Haryana is the capital of The City Beautiful or Chandigarh. Haryana is a small Indian state which has its own share of identity! And there are reasons why people visit Haryana to have an encounter with the beautiful temples in Haryana which can only reflect the ancient culture of the country! Haryana is one such place that houses amazing temples which are prominent for the symbols of cultural and heritage. It is also known as the significant constituent of the National Capital Region of Delhi. The city has recently made promising progress over the yesteryears. And currently, it is the industrial and economic force to be reckoned with!

It might be the smallest Indian state but that doesn’t leave its tourists prominence behind! Located at Aravalli Mountains’ foothills, this state has been founded in 1966 when Punjab State was parted into Punjab and Haryana! To know more about best temples in Haryana, keep reading on.

These 5 Haryana Temples are Must-Visit Religious Spots – Here’s why
Photo of ‘Braham Sarovar Kurukshetra’ by Paras kamboj under CC BY 2.0

Agroha Dham

A religious spot, Agro Dham is one of the amazing temples in Haryana which is a Hindus based place of in Haroha. The construction of its complex began in the year 1976 and completed in the year 1984. On both entrances’ sides, there is an elephant statue on each side at the premises’ entrance. In the year 1976, the decision of building it was proposed at All India Representatives conference. While the land was donated to Trust by Lakshmi Gupta, the construction work started in Tilak Agarwal’s care. The temple celebrates all festivals. The spiritual atmosphere here provides a calm and peaceful state in devotees’ minds and hearts.

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Bhima Devi Temple

During Gurjar Pratihars’ reign, the Bhima Devi temple got established. Beside the temple complex, there is Pinjore Garden also known as the Mughal gardens. This particular garden has been established by the foster brother of Aurangzeb. The garden got constructed with the ruins of Hindu temples destroyed by Muslim invaders between 13th and 17th century. The history of the temple dates back to 8th and 11th century AD. On the other hand, the Pinjore gardens’ history dates back to 17th-century.

Bhadrakali Temple

Among all prominent Haryana temples, this is in the Kurukshetra district’s Thanesar town on Jhansa road. Bhadrakali is a form of Kali, who defines supreme power. This place is believed to be one of the fifty one Shakti peeths of the country. According to what is believed, Sati’s ankle had fallen here. Due to this, the temple is remembered with the marble ankle.

Another myth indicates that Lord Krishna with Pandava worshiped Goddess Durga here after winning the Kurukshetra war. They visited the temple to worship the Mother Divine. Upon his visit, Lord Krishna offered his horses in the service here. From the day onwards, devotees offer metal and terracotta horses to the deity here in order to fulfill their wishes and desires. Lastly, it is also believed that Krishna and Balaram’s ‘Mundan’ ceremony was conducted here.

These 5 Haryana Temples are Must-Visit Religious Spots – Here’s why
Photo of ‘Hey! wait for me….’ by Archit Ratan Photography under CC BY 2.0

Chandi Temple

Chandi Mandir is one of the best Haryana temples which is over 5,100 years old temple located on the highway of Chandigarh-Kalka-Shimla. This was the forest which happened to be the kingdom of the Demon King Mahishasura. The forest is near the Himalayan feet.

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Birla Gita Temple

Calling Birla Temple one of the best temples in Haryana is nowhere an exaggeration. The temple was constructed in the year 1952 and has been dedicated to Lord Krishna. Outside the temple, there’s the large garden. The pillars, steps, sculptures, idol of Lord Krishna, and floors, everything is made of white marble. Having an encounter with these belongings of the temple would simply be breathtaking. A visit to the temple would allow you spread a positive vibe with the divinity all around the temple. Mythological stories of the temple include the historical names such as Rishi Ved Via, Tulsidas, and more.

After Everything Else

These are the best Haryana temples that are must-visit religious spots! Now that you know everything about the temple, a visit is a must! So are you ready to have an encounter with the positive vibes of these temples? If you are, then book your tickets to Haryana!

Featured Photo of ‘Colorful Mandir’ by Deepak Gupta under CC BY-SA 2.0

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