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The Untold Facts Of The Hatu Peak In Shimla

Do you love witnessing the surreal beauty of huge hills when it’s snowing all around you? Then visiting this place called Hatu Peak should be in your bucket list for sure. And in case, you are not familiar with this place, then here is all you need to know about it.

Hatu Peak- A Height of Beauty

Located in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, North India, this place has it all that you can ever wish to witness when on a hilly region tour. According to India’s geographical reports, Hatu Peak is the second highest peak of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. And somehow this one factor is enough for a huge number of people to visit this place over and over again. As it is on sky touching height of almost 3400 m elevation above the sea level, you may need to travel with a native guide who can better tell you the right and safe path to reach till its peak. However, it is not really possible for everyone to reach its peak, but those who are in love with trekking or have some relevant experience, it can be a great and of course a remarkable experience forever.

The Hatu Peak is fully covered with dense forest area, having oaks, conifers, and maples in a huge amount. In order to reach this place, you need to travel till Shimla-Rampur highway which is nearly 71 km ahead of Shimla. Once you cross this highway, you can get to witness the beauty of Hatu Peak in no time.

Traveling in your private car is a good option as the transportation system till Hatu Peak disturbs while heavy rain or snowfall conditions which usually happens either during Monsoon or sheer winters. The road conditions are quite good to enjoy your tour but only till Narkanda, afterward the situation can be a bit tricky. So it is always good to have a professional driver by your side. Once you reach Narkanda, you are hardly 8 km away from your destination- Hatu Peak.

Reaching the top of the peak will make you see a small yet beautiful temple called- Hatu Temple where a regional Goddess named ‘Hatu Mata’ is worshipped. In simpler terms, this temple has been built to worship ‘Kaali Mata.’ Most of the pilgrims visit here on Sundays which makes the entire way more engaging. But the best thing about Sundays is, you can get to have easy transportation facilities throughout the day at many reasonable prices than other weekdays. The overall temple of Hatu Mata has been made with high-quality wood which adds a lot to the beauty of the temple.

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The final words-

This blog speaks about the major elements of Hatu Peak and how it is different from the other peaks of the similar ground. It also tells how you can reach there and what the major places of attraction out there are. All in all, visiting this place can be a great way of cherishing some memorable moments with your family and friends.

Featured Photo of ‘top of the world’ by Hasan Ahamed under CC BY-ND 2.0

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