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The Unconventional Rituals From ‘Biya’, The Typical Assamese Wedding

It is never too late to mix things up by jumbling the rituals and adding your flavor to them. Unconventional wedding ceremonies are the talk of the town now. Most brides and grooms prefer their wedding day to have a resemblance to the bond they share by adding a few personal touches to the ceremonies.

A few unconventional Assamese wedding ideas

Assamese weddings have deep-rooted beliefs, and you can add a bit of fun to them by still respecting the age-old customs and traditions. These ideas are just a few; you can come up with your new thoughts.

  • Diayon Diya is one where the groom and bride eat their last meal that is curd. Mix it up by changing the food item or by letting the bride send the meal to the groom first.
  • Weddings are all about family being in one place to wish the new couple. The mother of the groom is essential. The bride coming in to pick her future mother-in-law for the wedding will be sure fun to watch.
  • Add your story to your wedding attire. Stitch details of your stories that led up to your big day. This little juggle will be remembered for long, and it will inspire a lot more.
  • Have a themed wedding. The craziest ideas would be a star trek, or a game of thrones themed Assamese wedding, but you can also introduce the jazz of Bollywood.
  • The Assamese reception is before the wedding and both the bride and groom won’t be present at the same time. Twist this a bit by hiring a DJ and having them to be married couple dance to a few songs together.

The benefits out of these unconventional ideas

Wedding day is one to remember for both the families, making it a gala time by juggling a few ideas. The benefits are usually a lot considering the changes are for spicing it up.

  • You don’t need to think, hire a wedding planner, and express your views. A team will make the day extra special for you.
  • Skipping a few rituals, you don’t have faith in will sure save up a few bucks. You can pitch in for a DJ, dance floor and gigs in your reception.
  • It sums up to making your wedding day something beyond a few rituals and must follow ceremonies.
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Assamese weddings are beautiful to the core with different rituals and ceremonies that have got deep meanings. It is never disrespecting if you honor the rituals and in turn, pitch a few out of the ordinary ideas to make your wedding day the happiest day of your life. Celebrate a day of the fun unconventional wedding with family and friends.

Featured Photo of ‘newly wed at vashista ashram’ by Giridhar Appaji Nag Y under CC BY 2.0

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