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The Unconventional Ritual Of Marrying Trees, Plants, And Other Objects

In Hindu culture, marriages happen not only between men and women happen, but there is a long believed custom of marrying men and women with trees, plants, and other things including living or nonliving things.

Why this ritual?

As in this advanced technological world, no one believes these superstitions. But according to the Hindu Vedic culture, these practices are being performed from ancient times and even today also. There is a reason for everything and hence for this illogical practice also. For us, it sounds somehow weird to marry a tree or a nonliving thing. But even then these rituals are still followed by educated people also. It is said that we can never up root ourselves from our tradition, and it is true.

Doesn’t matter how educated we are and how much techno-savvy we are, we will somehow be attached to our traditional customs. From ancient times, in Hindu culture, before marriage, the horoscopes of the bride and the groom are matched. It is believed that for a happy married life, the horoscopes should be matched perfectly. The horoscopes are matched by the priest in the presence of the families of the bride and the groom.

When the horoscopes are matched, sometimes depending on the birth time of the bride or groom, if “Mangal Dosh ” is found, the boy or girl is said to be “Manglik.” From the astrology it is believed that if a girl or a boy is having a “Manglik Dosh” if the one gets married, it might affect the life of his or her partner, sometimes, the partners may die. All these are just beliefs according to the Hindu culture. So, to minimize the effects of the Dosh, the priest suggests them a pooja.

In this pooja, a grand marriage ritual is performed in which the Manglik girl or boy is made to marry a banyan tree or a tulsi with all the rituals. After the successful proxy marriage with the tree, it is then destroyed, and it is believed that the curse of the Manglik Dosh.

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As the first marriage is with the tree and the tree is destroyed, now, they can marry the boy or the girl. Instead of marrying a tree, they can get married to a gold or silver idol of Lord Vishnu. Although the Indian constitution now bans these rituals as these practices are considered to unethical for humanity and the society also.

These rituals are against human rights, and mostly women are affected by such practices. To save women from any such practices, some laws are formed, which declare these as illegal. But still, people use to follow these rituals and customs for their spiritual beliefs.

Featured Photo of ‘Holy threads & Sacred trees of INDIA’ by Vinoth Chandar under CC BY 2.0

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