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Jaipur, the capital of the desert state of Rajasthan, is also known as Pink City of the world. It has marvelous forts and monuments for which it is rated highly among the tourists. There is one more thing that tourists look forward to when they come to Jaipur – its thriving markets.

Jaipur is a heaven for all those shopaholics who are looking for traditional arts, costumes, handicrafts and artifacts. This is more to do with the still existing traditional culture in this part of the world. It offers the tourists a wide variety of traditional Rajasthani stuff which is exclusive to this place. In this piece, we will take you to the wonderful Jaipur markets.

Here is a list of Jaipur’s Amazing Markets

Johari Bazaar

Every Indian lady smiles when she hears the word jewellery. From times immemorial, gold and diamonds have had a special place in the hearts of the Indian masses. Koh-e-noor just made it official in the world.

Jaipur is known to have one of the biggest and finest jewellery markets in the country. The word ‘Johari’ means a person who is an expert in jewellery and its valuation in Devnagari. Rightly named as Johari Bazaar, this market is a one stop place for all the jewellery lovers of India. It is also one of the oldest markets in the region.

With most of the shops painted in pink, this market is as picturesque as it gets. It provides ample choices of jewellery to the buyers and more often than not, leaves them spellbound. It is especially famous for the lovely handmade designs in the ornaments. These designs are pain staking and have passed on from one generation to the next without any dilution. Exquisite jewellery made in diamonds and emeralds is also a unique selling point of this market. Lehengas and Bandhej items can also be found in this bazaar. The world famous Jaipuri Razai (quilt of Jaipur) is a must buy at this place. These are fine, light quilts which are very soft and sought after items for the tourists. The amazing Kundan work of Johari Bazaar has also been appreciated throughout the country. The shopkeepers, however, are very business minded and one should bargain hard to get a good deal.

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jaipur art photo

Tripolia Bazaar

There are a few things which are exclusive to India, and of those few things, some are exclusive to Rajasthan. The Lac Bangles are one of those. Obtained from special plant secretions and then heated off to melt them down, the lac bangles are obtained after adding a couple more adhesive and pigment. Tripolia Bazaar is one market which boasts of brilliant lac works. The lac jewellery and bangles are a hit among the visitors. Bandini ties, carpets, brass works make Tripolia bazaar a great shopping joint. One can also fine great embroidery work in this market.

 jaipur market photo

Chandpol Bazaar

Jaipur is known for artists who takes pride in their work. The techniques employed by them are as old as the city itself. They have been inherited from generations and still holds creativity in their present form. Chandpol Bazaar is one place where one can just admire the creativity of the artisans. The marble carvings are an artist’s delight and involves great dedication and patience. The wooden handicrafts are both beautiful and require special skills to produce the articles. This market also offer amazing designs in hand looms. It is very difficult for anyone coming into the market to go empty handed. It has something for every walk of life.

There is also a place which is famous for Mojri shoes, the traditional footwear of the Rajasthani people. It is called Khazanewalon ka Rasta. One can also try a few colorful turbans to add to the local flavor.

jaipur market photo

Kishanpol Bazaar

A textile lover’s paradise, one cannot miss Kishanpol Bazaar if coming to Jaipur. This is an affordable market with items ranging from wooden sculptures to lovely souvenirs. The local textiles are a must buy at this place. They come in various textures, colors, fabrics and quality. As with other markets, this place is also flooded with the local artists who believe more in their skills than the machines.

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jaipur market photo

Nehru Bazaar

Again, a very old market, Nehru Bazaar is a culmination of many markets into one. It has all kinds of stuff. From handicrafts to textiles, from hand looms to marble items, it has got all kinds of shops. Traditional shoes, or the jootiyaan, are famous here though. They are generally made of leather and require hard, laborious work in tiring conditions to prepare one. There a hundreds of varieties and visitors are pleasantly surprised by the number of options they are presented with. Bargaining is a must for a reasonable price. It is a hot spot for the young crowds since it offers colorful and fashionable items to them which are both cool and creative.

Bapu Bazaar

The street market of Jaipur, it lies in the heart of the pink city. Rajasthani crafts can be purchased from here and it is a recommended places to be in, if one needs to tour and shop at the same time. It provides with plentiful choices to the tourists and caters for almost everything that Jaipur is famous for. Do not miss the street food of this place.

MI Road

Pottery has been an integral part of the Rajput culture where kings used pottery to beautify their palaces and gift them to friendly kingdoms. MI Road is one place where one can enjoy the artistry of these potters. Beautifully designed pots, in all colors and portraits leave people spell bound. Brass work is also famous here.

jaipur handicraft photo






Jaipur, the hub of traditional bazaars

With all the markets above, one should definitely explore them while in Jaipur. These markets are a marked example of the artistry of the people as well as the creativity that flows into the human mind. A must go for all the tourists and shoppers alike, bazaars of Jaipur offer much more than simply the items. It offers them the life of this place.

The Top 7 Markets Of Jaipur

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