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Tipu Sultan Mosque was built in memory of the Tipu Sultan, the famous ruler, and poet of Mysore. Prince Ghulam Mohammed built this mosque, who was the son of Tipu Sultan. The construction of this elegant mosque started in 1832 and was completed in 1842. It is located in 185 Dharmatala street (also known as Esplanade), in one of the busiest business and central area of Kolkata. This mosque is quite an architectural build and when one thinks of Esplanade the image of the mosque is bound to come into mind.

It might be strange that why a Mysore ruler’s son would build a mosque in his father’s honor, this far in East of India. The history buffs would know the details. In short, the British Government shifted the Tipu Sultan’s family to Kolkata (then Calcutta) after capturing  Srirangapatnam, the capital of Mysore.

The Mosque was built in typical Mughal designs and is painted in white and green, has 16 domes and has 4 towering small minarets. A lot of intricate carvings, designed grooves and nooks, and semi-circular windows makes it quite appealing and presents a fine specimen of craftsmanship. It is quite large and can accommodate about 1000 people at a time.

A part of this iconic monument was damaged due to the construction of Metro Railways underneath the Mosque in the 1980s. It gave rise to a lot of agitation and communal cold-war. A protection and welfare committee for the Tipu Sultan Mosque was formed. After negotiation with the Kolkata Metro railway authorities, it was decided that the damaged portion would be reconstructed.

How to reach:

Dharamtala being in the central zone is reachable quite easily. Both Sealdah railway station and Howrah rail station may be reached within 20 minutes. Buses, cabs are available in abundance which may to used to commute to a number of places.
This mosque welcomes people of all faith, to enter the premises, which is not the norm for other Islamic religious buildings.

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The Tipu Sultan Mosque In Kolkata

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