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The Stunning Chokramudi Peak In Munnar, Kerala

Munnar in Kerala is one of the enticing hill stations in India. The Chokramudi Peak in Munnar enhances the beauty of the place with its splendid tea and coffee plantations and the spice gardens. Situated at a height of 7200 feet from sea level, it is said to be a Trekkers Paradise.

The peak is embellished with the lush green forest and grasslands. It is one of the popular tourist destinations attracting hundreds of visitors every year. The appropriate time to visit the peak is during the winter season in the months of December to February. The monsoon months should always be avoided as the trekking trails become slippery and may result in accidents.

Spectacular Trekking Experience

It’s a treat to the eyes as you traverse along the mountain terrain, immersing into the cold misty weather. The astonishing view of the hill will energize you with enormous zeal, rejuvenating your heart and mind at every step you take during the trek. The soothing chill breeze creates a pleasant atmosphere for the trekkers.

The trek lasts for seven hours approximately. It is advisable to start as early in the morning as possible so as to complete the entire activity by early evening. It initiates from a place called Pothamedu, almost one hour driving distance from Munnar. Some treks also start from the Bison valley, almost at a distance of 25 kilometers from Munnar. You can either be accompanied by a guide or go about alone if you possess the relevant trekking expertise. The Forest Department officials will brief you on the instructions to be followed during the trek. It is essential to listen to their advice to avoid any casualties.

You can observe the Asian elephants occassionally in the forest while moving along the trekking trails. The best part of the trek is to watch the wonderful flora and fauna of the Annamalai hills. It is populated with the lustrous and gigantic Shola trees enriching the mystic beauty of the hills. Few other animals like the Gaurs and the Nilgiri Tahrs are also sometimes visible in their own habitat.

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothes during the trek as it covers quite long hours along the rocky terrain. Shoes must be sturdy and strong enough to climb the slopes and mud strained pathways. Light snacks and bottles of water should be carried along to avoid dehydration and weakness. After reaching the peak, you can take some rest and watch the splendid view from the top. You can drench your eyes into the enigmatic charm of nature.

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You can either stay at Munnar or there are base camps also set up in Chokramudi. The fun of staying at the base camps is to arrange for a camp fire. You can eat, play music, dance, have a barbeque while enjoying the cool misty weather.

Chokramudi Peak & The Stunning Scenic Views

The astonishing reflections of the sun rays on the hill tops of the Chokramudi peak mesmerize the spectators. The greenery combined with the wilderness is a unique experience for the tourists. A special feature of the peak is the blue coloured Neelakurinji flowers. It is phenomenal to watch the mountain slopes adorned with the blooming flowers.

The dense evergreen forestation, the breathtaking view of the valleys and the fascinating display of the majestic mountain ranges combine to provide a distinct magical picture to the entire environment. You must not miss the sunrise and the sunset while visiting or trekking at the place. The gleaming rays of the sun on the hill tops are captivating and enthralling. It transforms the mind into an eternal world of divinity and spirituality.

A visit to the peak creates a refreshed feeling from the regular humdrum of life. Our tiring soul is relieved of the innumerable tensions and anxieties of life. For a moment we can set aside all the stresses and worries affecting our mind and tranquilize ourselves into ecstatic beauty.

The view from the hill top is amazing and provides you a bird-like feeling of floating within the flowing clouds. The morning dewdrops on the grass and the leaves of the trees freshen up the air with its sweetness. You can also enjoy the view of the Idukki Dam across the Periyar river. The dam is one of its kind with its artistic curvature, placed in a gorge between the hills.

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The Chokramudi Peak is a place of photographers’ delight. Nature lovers and enthusiasts yearn and crave to visit the peak to capture the entrancing scenery. The visit is a moment to cherish and linger upon for years. Spirits are enlivened and the mind is refreshed with the peace and tranquility of the wonders of nature. The more you dive deep into its core the more the mystery unfolds and engulfs you into its enrapturing charm.

Featured Photo of ‘Mountains are big only from the bottom’ by Navaneeth Kishor under CC BY 2.0


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