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The Significance Of Chanting Chandi Path During Durga Puja Rituals

Bengal’s Durga Puja is a symbol of ‘Agomoni’ of the Divine Mother. While She is one and the only primitive form of Prakriti, her many manifestations inspire every devotee, even in this 21st century. Early centuries (specifically the Christian era) witnessed the worshipping of Divine Mother portrayed as riding a lion – Singho-bahini! While Mahishasura-Mardini’s advent is celebrated as Durga Puja, devotees discover Her victory against the evil in multiple forms (rups). She is sometimes the Goddess adorned with skulls’ garlands! And sometimes, she is Tripura Sundari. She is the rescuer of Lord Shiva in the form of Tara, and yet she is Dhumavati herself! She is Bhairavi, yet she is also worshipped as Bagalamukhi. She is Matangi, Bhuvaneshwari, and then, she is Chandi!

This is the guide where the importance of Chandi Path will be narrated. While you can get Chandi Path Bengali mp3 song free download version, you should know the importance of it! Anyone who’s a dedicated worshipper of this Goddess can read this guide and know the importance of chanting Durga Saptasati in Durga Puja rituals.

The Significance of Chanting Chandi Path during Durga Puja Rituals
Photo of ‘Durga’ by Partha Sarathi Sahana under CC BY 2.0

Chandi Path – Where The Good Wins over The Evil

Many of the times, you might have thought about knowing a brief about this ritual. Because let’s be honest, anyone who isn’t familiar with the Sanskrit translation of the Chandi Path mantra always face difficulties to pronounce the phrases without knowing the true meanings! It is divided into three parts. While in the first part Devi appears as Mahamaya, in the second part She appears as Mahishasura-Mardini and Chandika. Chandika is worshipped during the Sandhi Puja in Durga Puja where She kills demons Chanda and Munda. In the third part, She appears as Parvati and then arises in the form of Kali. After which, she is referred as Ambika continuously! What epitomizes Chandi is the image of Goddess Durga as Mahishasuramardini! Understanding the significance of the images will require understanding Chandi’s and Chandi Path mantra’s significance!

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Indian mythology has it that Lord Rama invoked the Goddess by chanting it. By doing so, he described the supreme power of this Goddess who goes the whole nine yards in rescuing the earth and fight against the demons (asuras).

Significance of Chandi Many Forms

A blood-curdling description of this warrior Goddess, hordes of evil doers drenching the planet with blood, and gory scene by Durga’s image – all these might sound repulsive and enigmatic to the ones who are outside Shakta tradition! But there must be a certain reason why this Goddess is depicted like this! While different forms are seen, each form emerges as the ultimate winner! The purpose of chanting Chandi Path mantra in Bengali is to glorify Shakti. The one who’s Brahma is the one who’s Shakti, and hence the ultimate Universe’s Mother! Another reason is to depict evil’s reality. And the third message that it holds is women empowerment. Finally, through Chandi Path mantra in Bengali, you get the assurance of the divine help as well as succor! This brings the conclusion that despite all the troubles and challenges in life, you always have divine protection of the Jagat-Janani (the Mother of the Universe)!

The Significance of Chanting Chandi Path during Durga Puja Rituals
Photo of ‘2013: Ealing Town Hall Durga Puja – Nobomi’ by Kaustav Bhattacharya under CC BY 2.0

Its Other Important Elements

There are no hard and fast rules as to who can chant it! The fact is, anyone can recite it! And chanting it in times of negative phase of life will invoke the Goddess to bestow you with the power of overcoming all the negative factors of life. You can get find Chandi Path Bengali mp3 song free download online! The significance of chanting it with proper pronunciation holds much prominence! Apart from the love and faith you have inside your heart and mind, you should be one-pointed with the level of concentration when chanting it.

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In Durga Puja, Homam is performed, which is known as Chandi homam!  As it is believed, the homan is a very powerful form of worshipping the divine Goddess. Thus, this guide compiles how this Path is important to chant in Durga Puja!

Featured Photo of ‘Maa Durga’ by jeet_sen under CC BY-ND 2.0

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