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The Significance Of Akal Bodhon And Why Durga Puja Is Celebrated In Autumn

Autumn is one such time when Kolkata Airport witnesses more people arriving in than departing from the city! That’s how a person residing in the city comes to know that the ‘pujo ashche’ (puja is arriving) vibe is becoming all the more significant! But have you ever wondered why Durga Puja is celebrated in autumn, despite being called the Basanti Puja? If you’re too excited to know the answer, here’s shedding lights on everything about the significance to celebrate ‘Akal Bodhon’ as Bengal’s gala festival!

The Coup d’oeil of Akal Bodhon’s Story Associated with Lord Rama

There would never be a Durga Puja in the season of autumn if it weren’t for Lord Ram! This is a festival where people hear about Ram doing Durga Puja! The King of Lanka, Ravana, had a blessing from Parvati that he would be defeated by no enemy without this Goddess’s permission. Since it was a huge blessing for Ravana, Lord Rama took this opportunity as a boon to slain him in the war and thereby rescue his spouse, Sita.

As soon as Rama came to know about this boon, he decided to pray to the Goddess in order to seek blessings from her and win the war! The puja that he conducted was during the season of autumn. After he initiated the ritual of Durga Puja in autumn, it became the gala time to celebrate it every year in autumn.

The Significance of Akal Bodhon and Why Durga Puja is celebrated in autumn instead of spring
Photo of ‘Durga and Her Daughters’ by Rajiv Ashrafi under CC BY 2.0

A Little More about Lord Rama’s Conductance of Durga Puja

Akal Bodhon in Ramayana is a significant event. It is a festival where it is everything about Ram doing Durga Puja. As a matter of fact, Durga puja’s one of the essentials is blue lotus flowers or Neel Kamal, which should be 108 in numbers. According to the stories of Ramayana, Debidaha was the lake where blue lotuses were available! When Lord Rama sent Hanuman to fetch them, he got 108 for the puja rituals. As soon as he neared the end of all the rituals, he discovered only 107 lotuses available.

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Since Rama’s eyes were compared to Kamala Nayana (or eyes of lotus-shaped), he thought of plucking one of his eyes in order to replace that missing lotus. As soon as he brought the arrow closer to his eyes, the Goddess appeared in front of him and stopped him then and there! Rama was delighted to see the Goddess. The Goddess blessed and promised him to leave Ravana’s protection for him to defeat Ravana in the war.

Rituals Associated

Akal Bodhon in Ramayana is a significant event where Lord Rama is blessed to defeat Lanka’s King Ravana. This year Akal Bodhon 2019 will be held from October 7 to 11. The ritual involves a Kalash to be placed at the Bilva tree’s base, and prayers are then offered for awakening Goddess Durga!

The Significance of Akal Bodhon and Why Durga Puja is celebrated in autumn instead of spring
Photo of ‘Durga Puja 3’ by SAM Nasim under CC BY 2.0

The Present-Day Connection

Since Durga Puja is a gala event in every corner of Kolkata streets, Akal Bodhon 2019 is a much-anticipated time of the year. While Rama’s Durga Puja was everything about impressing the Goddess with utter love, devotion, and respect, North Kolkata celebrates it massively.

In the theme Pujas, the Goddess appears with Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartika, and Ganesh. Nevertheless, there are some parts of Kolkata where the idol of Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Hanuman are seen with Goddess Durga, thereby indicating what Akal Bodhon is all about!

If you’re excited to witness the rituals, you can go for pandal hopping during the festival. And if you’re lucky enough, you might get a close encounter with the Goddess Durga’s idol with Lord Rama, Lakshmana, and Hanuman!

Featured Photo of ‘Durga Puja ( Smoky)’ by SAM Nasim under CC BY 2.0

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