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The Ocean Trek – A Unique Experience In Neuti Beach, Goa

Neuti Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Goa, a state with an epitome of beauty. The beach is lined with huge mountains overlooking the pristine waters of the sea. The place is renowned for the Ocean trek along the Arabian sea coast.

The uniqueness of the Ocean trek is the superb intertwining between the scenic hillside and the enthralling view of the deserted virgin beaches. Trekking along the beach is bound to immerse you into the gushing sound of the waves embracing the shorelines.

Trekkers Know-how

Photo of ‘Goan sunset 1’ by myriad ways under CC BY 2.0

The best season to visit Goa and go for the trek is from November till March when the weather is comparatively cool and clear. If you really want to be with the vibrant crowd buzz then you can opt during Christmas and New Year.

The Ocean track originates from Porvorim, a scenic village in North Goa. The best time to start is 7:00 am in the morning when the weather is calm and cool with the flowing sea breeze. Before you start on the walk alongside the sea, you need to drive to a small seaside hamlet called Kochra-Shriramwadi. The hamlet is located between two towns Vengurla and Malvan.

The Journey

Before starting on the walk, have some light snacks. Then proceed for a refreshing walk along the hilly path adjacent to the sea. After a few minutes, you will come across a deserted beach in a secluded cove. At this point, you can either sit and spend some time watching the mountains at the backdrop of the majestic Arabian Sea or you may continue with the trek.

As you move on, you will come across plenty of isolated beaches. The captivating views across the pristine sea waters will keep you enthralled throughout the journey. The mountain with their breathtaking views is a treat to the eyes. The sound of the waters splashing against the seashore and the lush green palms swaying in the air will rejuvenate and energize you. The trek along these blissfully secluded beaches are very unique unlike the exerting adventurous treks across precarious rocks and mountains.

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After short wade across an estuary, you will reach the serene Neuti beach which is the end point of the trek. You can enjoy the coconut water and have a Malvani coastal lunch at the beach eateries to refresh yourself after the exhaustion. At 3:30 pm you can start for the return journey towards Porvorim and reach by 7:30 pm.

The Concluding Path

The Neuti beach welcomes you with its treasure chest full of adventure and scenic views. You can dip yourself and let your body enjoy the soothing touch of the cool waters of the sea. If you are quite energetic and love to do something exclusive, then there is a 20 feet high giant rock on the beach from where you can dive into the waters.

You can also walk higher up to watch the historic Neuti Fort. The Fort was built by the great Maratha King, Chatrapati Shivaji. The other spectaculars of the beach are the Vengurla Rocks which is supposed to be the breeding ground for marine birds and the Bhogwe beach, said to be one of the beautiful and pristine beaches of Konkan.

The Ocean Trek is ideal for trekkers who want to indulge themselves in the vicinity of nature. It has become quite famous because of its plethora of beauty into the heart of Mother Nature.

Featured Photo of ‘Vasco Baina beach’ by Joegoauk Goa under CC BY-SA 2.0


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