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The Mystery Behind The Rang Mahal, Vrindavan

Housing more than 5000 temples, Vrindavan is a beautiful tourist place that attracts thousands of tourists from all across the globe who come to pay their homage to Lord Krishna and explore the beautiful embedded history of this place.

Vrindavan is a small town located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, just about the banks of river Yamuna. One of the things that make this place immensely renowned is “Krishna” himself. Yes, it is the place where, Lord Krishna was born, became a warrior, a romantic lover and won the heart of millions of Gopis (milkmaid) by stealing butter.

Vrindavan | History | Temples | Colours

Vrindavan houses many temples that portray the eternal love of Radha and Krishna. Vrindavan is filled with tourist around the time of Janamashtmi- i.e. the birthday of Krishna. This is the day when whole Vrindavan turns out to be the most colorful town in the state, with countless people playing with color, adorning garland to the lord, making those delicious laddus. There are many temples in Vrindavan like Iskcon- a temple which houses thousands of foreigners turned religious saints, Premandir- the Mandir that comes to life at night depicting the life of Lord Krishna, Bake Bihari Mandir.etc.

Nidhivan And The Rang Mahal

Apart from those beautiful temples, Vrindavan is also quite popular for one strange mystery. This small town of Vrindavan has a place known as Nidhivan. Within Nidhivan there’s a temple called Rang Mahal. Rang Mahal is said to be the ‘Shringhar Ghar’ of Lord Krishna where he used to decorate his beloved Radha with ornaments. Even today, people believe this temple is still visited by Lord Krishna at night.

Every single day Nidhivan is closed after the evening ‘aarti’ of seven. Practically the whole place is shut closed and nobody is seen around, even the priests are not allowed to stay there. It is believed that every night Lord Krishna visits the temple to perform the Raas Leela with his beloved Radha and the gopis. Even the trees around Nidhivan are of different shape, they are entangled with curved branches symbolizing as they are not trees but gopis disguised as trees.  People say, these trees transform into gopis each night and perform the Raasleela.

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Don’t Dare To Enter

One might be curious and enchanted listening to this amazing story but the truth is that nobody has still dared to even have a stroll or have a blink at this place at night. It is said that whoever dared to even have an eye at the place is blinded, became dumb or found mentally retarded the very next day. All the houses around this place are closed after the evening ‘aarti’, including the windows which remain shut till the morning. No one dares to peek around Nidhivan due to this sacred mystery. Coming to the animals that roam around, people say even they disappear from the area by the evening.

Truth Or Hoax?

People might doubt the authenticity of this story and might consider it as a hoax, but there is evidence, each night the residence around the place has listened to the sound of ghungroos (jewelry worn in the ankle’s) as if someone is dancing in Rang Mahal. Each night a bed of sandalwood is prepared for the deity- neem pan, daatun and a jar of water is kept beside the bed and every morning when the priest visits the temple, the place appears to be disheveled as if someone really had been there; such is the mystery behind this beautiful place of Rang Mahal.

It’s interesting to hear such amazing stories and the fact that Lord Krishna visits the place each night makes the place more divine and beautiful. The place with such absurdities and strangeness one surely will like to add this place to his or her travel list.

Apart from all this traveling to Vrindavan one will be elated with the chanting of the daily mantras, with the temples carrying out their daily ‘Darshans’, the whole place covered with trees. Strolling among the temples one can feel, the voice of the flute –Lord Krishna used to play. Visiting the temples is one of the amazing experiences one can feel while traveling to Vrindavan.

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Featured Photo: hermit, vrinadavan by nevil zaveri under CC BY 2.0

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