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The Gothic architecture, the breath-taking view of the Doon valley and a mysterious haunting, is what makes Hotel Savoy of Mussoorie a must visit place on your wish list if you want some eerie thrill.

The Story behind Hotel Savoy haunting

Hotel Savoy photo

Photo by 826 PARANORMAL

The hotel was built in 1902 and in those days it was one of the preferred places to stay for many high-ranking British officials, British and Indian royal family members and wealthy businessmen. In 1910, a British guest, a spiritualist Frances Garnett-Orme was found dead in her room under mysterious circumstances. The middle-aged lady was a spinster and had been indulging into occult practices. Another spiritualist from Lucknow, Eva Mountstephen was also staying at the Savoy at the same time. However, Mountstephen had left for Lucknow on the day Garnett-Orme was found dead. Garnett-Orme’s stiffened body had been discovered from her room, which was mysteriously locked from inside. As per the post-mortem report, death had occurred because of inhalation of hydrogen cyanide. Ms Mountstephen was initially charged for the death but was later let off because of lack of evidence. It is believed that the ghost of Garnett-Orme is now haunting the corridors of the Hotel Savoy.

Spooky experiences at the Hotel Savoy

Though there is no factual evidence of any haunting at the Hotel, many guests have reported stories of inexplicable occurrences like the switching on and off the TV set on its own. The Indian Paranormal Society has claimed to have recorded a lady’s whispers in the corridors. There have been rumored stories of mysterious deaths, suicides in the hotel rooms, but none have been confirmed except the death of Garnett-Orme. In fact, the story of the death of the British Spiritualist is said to have inspired Agatha Christie’s first mystery novel, ‘The Mysterious Affair at the Styles.’

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The Hotel is now managed by the ITC Welcomgroup Hotels and regarded as one of the finest places to stay in Mussoorie.   So if you want some chills in the mountains, visit the hotel. But in case you don’t encounter any spirit, you can have the option to indulge in some high spirits at the vintage bar named ‘The Writer’s Bar.’

Featured Photo by 826 PARANORMAL

The Mysterious Haunting At The Hotel Savoy, Mussoorie

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