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Champaner, The Historical Town Of Gujarat

Every holiday gives us a reason to rejoice. While some remind us of the nostalgic moments to cherish for, others surround us with the positivity; Champaner is one such holiday destination that offers the tourists a sneak peek on the rich Indian cultural heritage. This off-beat tourist destination is located in the state of Gujarat and is worth visiting for.

Surprisingly, not many of us know that this place falls under the list of UNESCO world heritage site. Yes! Let’s get started.

Places Of Significance

There are several places that help us to retrace the footprints of our ancestors. Some of them are mentioned hereunder:

Shahar Ki Masjid- The mosque was built by the royal family of Pavagadh and was located near to their residence. It was used by them to offer prayers to the God. The locals believe that this mosque was once privately held by the Sultans of Pavagadh. At the entrance, there are two minarets with an arched doorway and its architecture belongs to the colonial era. The mosque opens at 8 AM and the entry is for free.

Jami Masjid-It was the main masjid where the people used to came to offer prayers to the God, especially during the Friday.  The masjid is built using the locally sourced limestone in the shades of yellow and pink and it reflects like a true masterpiece of art. Beginning from the exterior pillars to windows to every nook and corner, all are an epitome of art and design.

This holy shrine dates back to the 15th century when it was considered as one of the finest mosques of western India. The edifice has two stories and resembles the Islamic and Hindu architecture. The mosque is designed intricately and reflects how modern architects were in their thought process. One of the minarets is slightly damaged but has not been worn out. The monument is majestic and reminds us of our ancestors.

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Kevada Masjid- Another mosque that is worth visit in the state of Gujarat is Kevada Masjid. The masjid is a part and parcel of Champaner Archaeological Park and has housed inside the minarets, domes, stairs, and intricate designs. It is truly a delightful tourist destination. The main structure of Kevada Mosque is akin to Jami Masjid with two minarets at the entrance. Here also, the tourists will find a confluence of Hindu and Muslim artwork.

The unique part of this Masjid is the Cenotaph located in the front. Cenotaph is a tomb without any grave, it is built is the honor of the king, whose grave lies anywhere else. Though it is not as intricate as the Jami Masjid, it has some fine carvings embroidered at the windows and pillars.

Fort of Pavagadh-the fort is located at the hill and forms a crucial part of Pavgadh landscape. Inside the fort, the visitors can have a look at various religious idols and pay homage to it. Though the fort is in a dilapidated condition, it still remains a popular tourist destination.

Kalika Mata Temple– it is one of the oldest and most visited temples located in the vicinity of the Champaner-Pavgadh Archaeological Park.   The temple is located at a high attitude and sandwiched in between the dense forests near Halol. As the tourist enters the temple, he can have a look at the idols of Kalika Mata at the center and on the left one the idol of Bahucharamata is keep and the right one is of Goddess Kali.

Best time to visit this place- The best time to visit this place is from October to February when the temperature range from 11 degrees to 31 degrees.  The summer is too hot to handle and the maximum temperature may increase up-to 45 degree. The monsoon season extends from the month of June to September.

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The destination is a potpourri of tradition and culture that reminds us of the historical past.

Featured Photo: Champaner, Kevada Masjid by Arian Zwegers under CC BY 2.0

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